Catherine’s Scrabble Quilt

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you are doing well. I appreciate your sweet get-well-soon comments from my last post. I am feeling a little better. While moping around because I wasn’t up to doing anything (well, not quite, one can’t really “mope around” when one stays at home with an active 2-year-old), I was elated to receive an email from Catherine who had made a Scrabble quilt, based on my design featured in Quilter’s World August 2011 issue. She sent the following picture:

She also included the story behind the quilt… “This was a wonderful project for the two of us. As you can see different scrabble fabrics were used than your original work. While using the website, I asked her to pick out the fabrics she liked so the quilt reflects her tastes. She picked words that meant something special to her. I went on a vanity car license plate site to get ideas for the seven letter tile combos in the borders. I copied a template of a scrabble board for a work sheet, and used an online crossword puzzle maker site and my daughter’s scrabble skills to design the word layout. The backing for the quilt is minkie to keep her warm at college…

As her girlfriends came through our house to say their final good-byes, I enjoyed seeing all the girls before they headed off to their colleges and listening to them compliment her scrabble quilt. Thanks so much for developing this pattern. Your quilt design provided my daughter and myself with some very touching moments working on the quilt and celebrating her next journey in life.”

I should be the one saying “Thank You” to Catherine for the touching story. I want to thank Catherine for inspiring a first-time mother like me to cherish and create special moments for me any my little one! By the way, I think Catherine has a beautiful daughter, and my very best to Catherine’s daughter in her college endeavors.

19 thoughts on “Catherine’s Scrabble Quilt

  1. How did you cut out the letters 3 x 3 without showing any blue when sewn? When I cut out the 3 x 3 letters most of mine when sewn to the other 3 x 3 fabric squares the blue was showing. If I stitched on the beige part of letter fabric then the row would be too short to join to other rows. Please let me know and this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Frustrated…..

  2. In my new copy of Quilter’s World, Summer 2013, it references this Scrabble quilt. I would love to get the pattern, however, according to Quilter’s World the August 2011 issue is discontinued. Anyone know where or how I can get a copy of the pattern?


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