Kittens in the Flowers: Sneak Peek #2

Hi Everyone,

This is a going to be a quick post.  Kittens in the Flowers is currently being quilted as seen in the following picture:

It is raining and wet over here, and dark too!  I am a little bit under the weather.  So I am going to take it easy, and work on some handwork projects over a cup of hot tea!  You stay well, okay?

21 thoughts on “Kittens in the Flowers: Sneak Peek #2

  1. Sending you butterfly kisses & hummingbird hugs to go along with your kittens & tea! LOVE that blue arc!!! When you do your applique, how do you manage the points of triangles?? For instance, the bottom of that tulip, where all 3 fabrics meet. ….can you show us a pic, pretty please? I go slowly, but sometimes I get cross bars that mess up the points (words are failing me here, but I’m sure you know what I mean!!) Thanks! Hope the sun shines for ya soon!!

  2. OH! PLEASE SEND US RAIN in Southern AZ.
    I just love the looks of this -can’t wait to see all of the Kittens in the Flowers.
    So sorry you are not up to yourself today–enjoy that cup of tea and do take it easy. Sounds like a pperfect day to rest around. Hug that little one!

  3. raining, with flooding in low-lying areas, here in beautiful downtown seward, alaska … pressing material for cutting several patterns keeps the grey away.
    that’s a gorgeous applique flower! i have a couple ‘kitted up’ and another long sheet of flowers and stuff drawn and ready to fuse for another. seems i’d rather get quilts ready to quilt that do the actual quilting.
    feel better!

  4. I can’t wait to see this one – LOVE the quilting! I hope you’re feeling better soon hon, it’s dreary and damp here too, good time to snuggle under some handwork!

  5. lovely quilt and beautiful flower, Wendy! Hope you are going to feel better very soon! Here it’s STILL sunny and hot and very wet (I can hardly tun my neck today…) cheers , gloria

  6. Take good care of yourself, a little down time is necessary for all of us and Miss Baby will want some attention regardless of how you are feeling. Nice to see “my” sewing machine quilting what looks like rain on the flowers! We are getting plenty of rain in Santa Fe too and I am loving it. Hugs to you my friend

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