Yuletide Coxcomb: Sneak Peek #1

I have used these fabrics…

… to come up with the following sneak peek!

I hope you are doing well today.  I am moving extra slowly because of interrupted sleep the last couple of nights!  I am looking forward to a more restful weekend compared to the last few have been.  Come back next week – I will be showing you four published quilts that just I received back from the editor.  The quilts are to be photographed before they can show off their glory! :)  Have a great weekend, you all!

13 thoughts on “Yuletide Coxcomb: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Sorry about your bad sleeps. I know how poorly it can make you feel.

    Anxious to see the publish quilts, I’m sure they will be fab-u-lous as usual. That red/black peek was awesome—–my colors.

  2. Love the colors! You, “moving extra slowly”, I can’t imagine. I’m amazed by how much you get finished. Can’t wait to see this one, I so love the coxcombs!

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