Virtual Trunk Show #1: STARS

Cathi mentioned to me about doing a virtual trunk show for my quilts.  I thought it was an excellent idea.  Thanks, Cathi!

I picked the subject of STARS to kick off my virtual trunk show because star blocks (in any variation) are my favorites among all pieced blocks.  I am showing only one picture for each quilt.  Feel free to click on the links provided to view more pictures of the individual quilts.

1.  Christmas Splendor

2.  Christmas in Ohio (Fons & Porter Easy Quilts, Winter 2010)

3.  Forever Christmas (The Quilter, Holiday 2009)

4.  Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

5.  Christmas Hospitality (Quilter’s World “A Quilted Christmas”, Fall 2011)

6.  Reach for the Stars Growth Chart (RJR Fall Market 2010 booth, free pattern here)

7.  Winter Fun (Commissioned design for Quilting Treasures, free pattern here)

8.  Road to California

9.  Sunshine in my Soul (The Quilter, August/September 2010)

10.  Dream Garden (Commissioned design for RJR, Spring 2011, free pattern here)

11. Spice Garden (The Quilter, August/September 2011)

12.  Ohio Stars in Quilting Around the Block Technique Article (Quilter’s World, February 2011)

13.  Simple  Pleasures (The Quilter, May 2009)

14.  Autumn Stars (publish pending)

15.  Starry Pursuit (publish pending)

I think many quilters naturally gravitate toward stars block because stars in themselves fascinate and intrigue, and even more than that, stars direct our thoughts heavenward.

“I see the stars…. Thy power throughout the universe displayed.  Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee; How Great Thou art!  How Great Thou art!”

Text: Stuart K. Hine, Tune: Swedish Folk Melody


I hope you have enjoyed my little virtual trunk show!  Now, which do you think is the star among the stars?

28 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show #1: STARS

  1. #8 is my favorite and the last one comes in as a close second. Your color choices and quilting amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the quilting you did in Autumn Stars, but I also love the kaleidescope effect of the quilting in Dream Garden, but then, there’s the lovely colors in Starry Pursuit…how can you choose just one fave??

  3. The last one may be my favorite, but for now it is Holiday Spinners. I love the pretty colors and stars and Christmas just go together. All are wonderful.

  4. This is such a wonderful way to see all your beautiful quilts. Thank you for a great trunk show. Your work is stunning. And I just love your quilting. Can’t wait to see more! Starry Pursuit looks very tempting!

    • Just about every time I go online I am overwhelmed with useless information but I depend on your blog for the freshest daily news. You should write a lot more thank this, that’s all I need to say. I am experiencing some of these same issues as well. I’ll be sure to bookmark your website because I’ll definitely return all of the time.

  5. I would have to say Spice Garden is my favorite..however, all your quilts are spectacular Wendy. Your colour choices always draw me in to the quilt. Thanks for the wonderful Trunk Show.

  6. It’s great to have this visual parade of all your wonderful star quilts. Each one is appealing in its own way. I know lots of quilters who love stars, but they aren’t my first choice. There are so many different ways to make them, I know, but I prefer pinwheels. Those blocks too have many different design possibilities, but it’s visual movement that unifies them, and what attracts me. But still… thanks for letting us all see stars!

  7. Starry Pursuit has my vote. Please let us know which magazine it will be in. I love the colors in your stars. ;-)

    bee-hugs, Debby

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