Starry Pursuit: Sneak Peeks #2

Happy Monday, Friends. I hope your week has already gotten to a great start! We had another full weekend, and I am having a rather sleepy start to my week. But it’s okay, work keeps me chugging along. The artist took over again, and I quilted feathers on my Starry Pursuit. I wasn’t going to, but I did in the end… here are two shots I took while I was still quilting the quilt one morning when the sun was shining right into my sewing area:

Star blocks are my favorite among pieced blocks! Come back tomorrow – I will have to show you a few star-related quilts I have worked on. Till tomorrow then!

26 thoughts on “Starry Pursuit: Sneak Peeks #2

  1. Your free motion embroidery is beautiful. I have a Viking (designer 1) that is the only machine that I’ll ever be able to have and I just have practiced and practiced and would love to be able to do a quilt that looks like yours.
    Beautiful, beautiful!

  2. That’s just beautiful! Do you use a loft-type batting to get such poofy feathers? I used Warm & Natural and quilted in some swirls & hearts, then in my star points, stitched straight-line inside each arm, about a 1/4 inch in from each seam. Now it looks all wrinkly. :( I prefer the poofs!

  3. I love the feathers and circles all around the stars. The stars just come out at you. I love it! Do the stars glow in the dark?

  4. OH yum! I really want to do more of this type of quilting as it makes my heart sing.
    But most of my customers want more simpler quilting, so I will have to save the style for my quilts….when I get to those is any ones guess. Love your work.

  5. Everyting you do is so beautiful, lovely, glorious, pretty, elegant, full of Joy.
    You are an Artist. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Such stunning feathers. I look forward to your blog coming in each night about 11:00 my time.

    I wonder wonder about feathers. Do you mark your feathers. How?

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