Log Cabin Flower: Sneak Peek

I completed another wallhanging sized technique piece to send off over the weekend.  I only managed to get one shot of the quilt before rushing off to pack it for shipment:

I had a crazy day yesterday, and wasn’t online much.  I am just now getting to your comments on yesterday’s post.   I hope to get caught up with your comments and emails later today.

Meanwhile, have a lovely day!!

15 thoughts on “Log Cabin Flower: Sneak Peek

  1. Could you do a brief explanation of how you prep your applique pieces? Your applique is always so wonderfully polished looking-how do you get great results every time? Thanks!

  2. Yup – appliques are polished, but look at that quilting! How in the world do you get those stitches so even?? And the 3 parallel circular lines – they’re all the same distance apart, the whole way, it looks like. I’m just in awe. Oh yeah, and the colors really play well together too. Green with envy, I tell ya!!

  3. After seeing the whole appliqued piece in this months magazine, I can’t wait to see the whole picture on this one too. The quilting is wonderful. How do you ever find time for the computer with quilting and Baby??????

  4. Lovely work as always Wendy…got my copy of the Quilter yesterday. Going on vacation for 3 wks, then hope to get a Spice Garden done in the fall!! Just love it!

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