Lame Game = Failed Tactic

So I have been trying to complete this bird motif for the last month, and I am not even half-way through. I normally take my needlework with me when Miss Baby and I visit the playground in the mornings. The plan is I would sneak in some needlework while she plays. The reality is that she ends up needing my help on one thing or other that I do good to stitch five stitches while we are out playing. It’s okay. I am not agitated. I take it as part of mothering a two year old.

But I still would like to finish this sampler sometime in my lifetime. So I hatched a plan. After our usual routines at the playground, I told Miss Baby we were going to play a game: the game of filling the bucket with bark scattered all over the playground. I thought that ought to keep her occupied because the entire playground is covered with bark as far as the eyes could see, and that should translate into squeezing in more than five stitches. I felt a little devious thinking up the plan (please tell me you too have at one point in time engaged in the tactic of distraction!) It only worked…

… as long as  I got all my stuff out, which was not very long at all. By the time I got all my things ready to go, Miss Baby had lost interest in the lame game Mom had cooked up ! She had infinitely better things to do than shoveling bark pieces into her red bucket. I sneaked in a grand total of three stitches (net loss of two compared to my usual five) before I hurriedly shoved my things into the bag to chase after Miss Baby! Note to self: Come up with a cooler game next time, Mama!

20 thoughts on “Lame Game = Failed Tactic

  1. Mommie you should know better. I did my stitching late at night or early in the morning before my son woke up. More than once I tried during the day to only find him at my elbow calling my first name loudly that he wanted me to pay attention. That really wakes you up to the fact you are not being involved. She will grow out of the stage only to go onto another one. Mine found the knitting needles and rammed them through a cushion on the couch. I quit doing things for awhile and we just learned to work around the moods. Not to scare you, but they do have minds of their own and if you don’t cooperate they will find a way to distract you. Smarter than we think. Chris

  2. Don’t feel devious, there is a much better term for it–self preservation. We have all done it, it is part of motherhood. As far as stitching at night, I think you already do that. Welcome to the Bernina world, right?

  3. Lol Now MOM you should know better, she really wanted you to help her in this daunting task. She knows better. LOL
    Hugs Bunny

  4. (lol~!! Bad Ellen!!)

    Distraction tactics? Oh, I used all kinds! And still do, even with my 17 & 19yo’s when there is a need! Your creativity just grows as they do. ;D

  5. HAHA – outsmarted by a 3 year old! Get used to it!
    I just saw a commercial where the little girl asks Mama for a dollar & Mama says sure, get my purse off my bed (upstairs). So, little girl runs upstairs, looks for purse that’s not there, comes back down & reports it not there. Mama says go upstairs & look on Sister’s bed….no surprise, it’s not there either, little girl comes back down & reports. Mama says go up & look in my closet, little girl goes back upstairs, looks in closet, comes back down & reports it’s not there either. This goes on a couple more times, each time little girl runs back upstairs to look in another place Mama suggests. All the while, purse is on counter, right next to Mama – it was just a ploy to get her to run up & down the stairs! Now, THAT is a loving Mama!!!

  6. I’m sure you gave her the smallest spoon you could find…lol… :) Can you still get the paint with water books… or maybe her own sewing cards and use ribbon or shoe laces? Good luck :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. You’ve found out the secret…they’re smarter then we are. ;-) Besides, it’s the operational definition of a toddler to instinctively do the opposite of what we want. I do enjoy life’s ironies ! I don’t know the secret of getting anything done at the park until they’re about 5 and have a friend to play with. Hope your Baby still takes naps.

  8. It sounds like the normal attention span for a two year old. I always found those extra stitches came around 4:30 in the mornings when the house was still quiet.

  9. I empathize. :-) They do want mommies to be involved. I thought of perhaps taking a little friend with you so Miss baby would have a playmate, but that might involve even more watchfulness (and dispute-settling) so might not be a good idea after all.

    I can encourage you that more time will open up as kids get older — like waiting for them to finish piano lessons or soccer practice (or whatever they’re involved in), etc.

  10. Wendy,
    Trouble with that age…attention span..2-5 mins. therefore, just enjoy her playtime and do what you can when she is napping during day or sleeping at night. These years pass so quickly, soon you’ll have time on your hands and wonder how she grew so fast and became independent!!
    Take care and have a wonderful day!

  11. My kids are now 36 and 33. A long, long time ago, on one of those infamous family car trips, I told them we were going to play a new game – let’s see who could count from 1 to 100 the slowest! The game only lasted about 3 minutes, but it was a fun three minutes!

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  13. Hahaha! You can “transport” her to her Auntie (across the globe) to stitch in magnificant 15 stitches! (How about that? Tempting?)

  14. When our kids were young and they got bored and fidgety on car trips, they’d start in on each other. I tried the “silent game”. Whoever could be silent for 5 minutes would get a treat. Well, since DD won each time, DS refused to play after the 3rd or 4th try. Oh well…………now they’re 27 and 28 and still start in on each other. I just leave the room! lol

  15. Hahaha.. I do that all the time. Anyway wrt a “cooler” game…at a recent friend’s wedding, Miss baby kept herself occupied for a while unwrapping a certain chocolate… keeping the wrappings in a neat pile while arranging the chocolates vertically.

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