Feathers, feathers

Feathers are near and dear to quilters’ heart, including mine! Being able to quilt feathers was the starting point of my many free-motion quilting adventures.

Feather quilting adds to our quilts a pinch of:

1. grace

[Plum Rose, publish pending]

2. texture

[Spring Nesting]

3. elegance

[Mums the Word – publish pending]

4. just something different to a “would-have-been-normal look”


I have quilted many a feather,

[Back of Cascade of Leaves]

[Ivory Spring]

[Back of Pieceful Garden]

[Road to California – my third quilt]

[Song of Williamsburg]

[Harrison Urn]

[My Wholecloth Sampler]

[Quilting Around the Pieced Block]

… and yet I am yearning for more feathers! I am in the last stretch of an important project. I hope a few weeks from now I would be able to get back to…, yeap, you guessed it, … more feather quilting!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely start to your week!

p.s. Just in case you are wondering, all the feathers you see were quilted on my domestic sewing machine. They are not long-armed. :)  Click here for more feather goodness.

26 thoughts on “Feathers, feathers

  1. Gorgeous work! I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and you have helped my FMQ improve. One question: what do you use to mark your feathers? Thanks!

  2. As always you are such an encouragement to us all! I am not entirely sure I would purchase a long arm even if I did have the room. I so much love that you show us that a domestic/home machine can accomplish much when the “operator” practices! The only limitations are those we decide to place on ourselves!!!! Get beyond it and go for it! Enjoy always! Such creative expression and freedom awaits! Doreen

  3. They are all so beautiful!! I love the way there is so much variety in the way you use them. I really do need to learn to do them even in the most basic form. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. They’re all spectacular! How do you manage to wrestle a whole quilt around in the throat of your home machine? I wrestled with a crib panel and that was difficult! I’ve got my first real quilt top sitting on the bed, waiting for a long-arm opening, just because I’m scared & don’t want to ruin it. Got any tricks for us newbies??

    Thank you for sharing & inspiring!

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