Home is where the Quilt is: Final Sneak Peek

Done is my “Home is where the Quilt is” quilt!  Here is a final sneaky peek for you.  I opted to do allover swirls on this quilt to go with the “comfort” theme.  I didn’t want to do anything fancy, just something simple…

but with a twist.  If you look closely, You can spot “tails” coming off some of my swirls.  I was experimenting a variation on the swirls.  I don’t think it’s my original.  I have seen it done, but just never tried it myself.  I will be showing you the schematic in my next Thread Talk post.  Stay tuned.

My next project will involve these beauties from Northcott’s Mums the Word – can’t wait!

Thanks for stopping by!  To my mid-West readers: please know that my my little family’s prayers and thoughts are with you in this time of inclement weather.  Stay safe, everyone!

p.s.  Thanks for your kind words on my floral arrangements in yesterday’s post.  For the record, I am quite embarrassed to tell you that I can’t swim, nor can I ride a bike.  As a general rule, anything that is remotely athletic, you can count me out.

10 thoughts on “Home is where the Quilt is: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Love the new quilt. Your swirls with the tails are gorgeous. You can alway learn to ride a bike with Miss Baby. ;) I am sure if you put your mind to anything you will excell in it. Hugs Bunny

  2. Good to note you can’t do everything haha. Love the colours – you wouldn’t be interested in adopting me would you, I have many walls and beds to hang your creations I promise to love them.

  3. LOVE the swirls, and the fabrics! I can’t swim or ride a bike either, lol. I used to be able to bike, but now I fall off. Never could swim – suppose I should learn – almost drowned 8 times! FYI, if someone tells you it’s an unsinkable canoe, don’t believe them.

  4. I love the “comfortable” look and feel of the quilt. Can’t wait for your next Thread Talk. I am re-doing my sewing area to make quilting easier to handle–I’m anxious to try swirling.

  5. Looks like another “Hit” Wendy…love the colours. Makes me think of: Warm and cozy curled up by the fire with a cup of Hot Chocolate.

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