Happy Day, Happy Baby, Happy Quilt

The weather in the mornings has been glorious where I live, albeit just a teensybit nippy.  I decided to take my Happy Quilt (officially known as Joseph’s Pinwheels) out for an outdoor photo shoot while Miss Baby is playing outside earlier today.

For new readers visiting from Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival, my “Joseph’s Pinwheels” is featured in the current (June) issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  I used polka dot fabrics of various colors to construct the pinwheel blocks, with solids as supporting cast.  I am super excited that this quilt is going to be featured in one of the upcoming Fons & Porter TV episodes.

Working on this quilt is the first time I incorporated a significant amount of black on a quilt top.  I found that the black really pulled all the colors together very nicely.

While I was snapping the pictures away, Miss Baby happily chased after robins that came to the playground.  Happiness for me at that moment was definitely being able to watch my precious little one happily playing away.  It’s a feeling of sweet contentment.

Miss Baby did take a moment to park herself on the quilt.  I am not quite sure why her hair looks a bit weird in that picture…

Quilting was kept to a minimum on this quilt because I wanted the dots to shine uninterrupted in their glory!

After playing for a while, Miss Baby was ready to go back  inside… a happy time was had by all, including those robins (I hope!).

I am so glad you stopped by.  To those who are regulars at Ivory Spring, you know  I do love you!  Your friendships have been invaluable to me!  To those who are new, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Should you have a few more moments and want to look at more quilts, 99% of my quilts are documented here.

Have a happy weekend.  I will see you again on Monday!


92 thoughts on “Happy Day, Happy Baby, Happy Quilt

  1. I enjoyed your photos and your description of the outing. It sounds like it was a fun photo shoot. I like how your quilt turned out. I’ve always loved bright colors with black and white.

  2. I really like the use of polka dots in this quilt. The colors are bright and the solids are a great choice. Thanks for all the photos and you have made another wonderful quilt! Look forward to seeing you Fon’s and Porter!

  3. I do love the way this quilt has come together. The spots and plains in the pinwheels and the black and white contrast are so successful. Great shots outside in the garden, too!

  4. I really like the way you alternated the black on white/white on black backgrounds. It really makes your colorful pinwheels shine. And your border is perfect.

  5. I dearly love this quilt, Wendy! So glad you were able to post – Blogger is down, driving me crazy, so it’s good to see my non-Blogger friends! Hope everything is going well for you- Miss Baby’s hair looks fine!

  6. What a gorgeous little quilt. It has definitely given me some ideas. And congratulations on being featured in a magazine! that is great!

  7. I have a post-it note stuck on page 60 to remind me to buy the fabrics. 47 x 47 is a great size to make for a little one. The black really does make it pop.
    Glad to read Miss Baby had fun with the robins.

  8. wendy–adorable as always. looks like miss baby is getting so big!! love the polka dots and those pinwheels are so nice. what a darling baby quilt. i was just thinking i need to make it a priority to finish my polkadotville quilt–i come across it every so often but it seems to always be when i’m in the midst of some other big project!! have a great day and thanks for sharing another great quilt with us.

  9. Congratulations on the Fons and Porter show!! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve never used black in a quilt but after seeing your quilt I’m going to have to re-think this.

  10. I love the polka dots! and the photo shoot at the playground is really fun! My aunt takes her quilts on location to take pictures. I need to try that sometime.

  11. You just can’t go wrong with polka dots! What a wonderful cheery quilt and congrats on the publication and show with Fons and Porter, how exciting.
    Come see my entries #211, repro cheddar orange stars and #215 antique 1850 applique flower garden

  12. Congrats on your publication~! I subscribe to Fons & Porter and clipped out your pattern last month. Saved it in my file for a future quilt. I love, love the black. Can’t imagine any other choice. So cute.

  13. Love your polka dots especially the black I have made two quilts using black polkas they worked really well too. They are on my blog if u want to see. Happy stitching Chris

  14. Hi Wendy :-)
    I followed your link here from Amy’s quilting party.

    I like the brightness of your quilt! The pattern combination’s make the overall pattern ‘pop’.

    I too have made a quilt out of the pinwheel pattern. I am not linking it up seeings how it was in an old posting, and only new postings are allowed. Aw well …. It you personally would like to see it, you can find it here –> http://thebzhousethatlovebuilt.blogspot.com/2010/06/green-quilt.html

    your daughter is a cutie from the back! :-)

    Congrats on having your pattern published! Quite the achievement! Browsing through your side bar gives me the impression you have had a lot of your quilts published. WOW! Impressive!

  15. Your quilt is beautiful!!! Totally love the colors, the polka-dots and the black really does make the colors pop! Love it and will be back to check out your others. I’m a follower now.

  16. congratulations, you must be so excited! And I like how although you went out of your comfort zone with the black it’s not dark or heavy or gloomy. In fact usually quilts have either a lot of white or a lot of black, and this is unusual in that it’s balanced.

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