Time to snatch up a deal…

Miss Baby uses my Jungle Jane quilt for when we go out. It has come in super handy in keeping Miss Baby warm in her stroller when we go out on our crazy excursions in the last couple of months. I always wash the quilt after our outings.

The design (in pink and blue) was featured in Fons & Porter’s Baby Quilts 2010 last year. Fons & Porter is currently running a sale on the kits (pink and blue versions) on their website at a very attractive price. Snatch them up while you can…

You can see more pictures of my Jungle Jim and Jane quilts here. These are flannel quilts made with RJR’s Baobab fabrics. I have to say, I am very impressed by how well they hold up from being washed, and there’s absolutely no pilling on mine. So, we will continue to use this as our going-out quilt.

6 thoughts on “Time to snatch up a deal…

  1. Thanks for the tip! Both colorways are so cute (I am so love the pink/blue and brown combos for babies these days). The pattern looks quick to make and it’s good to know the fabrics are holding up well after all the washes! I’m going to check out the sale – it’s always good to have baby quilts made and ready to go!!

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