Now my dots….

… are back with me!  I received my Joseph’s Pinwheels quilt back from the editor this week.  It’s great to have my dots back! :)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

p.s.  Nosy mind wants to know if you watched the Royal Wedding.  What is/are your favorite part(s)?

34 thoughts on “Now my dots….

  1. This quilt is just so neat. I love the colors and the dots you chose.

    I am watching the wedding now. I have it recorded and will watch it all later. 4:00 am is just toooooo early.

  2. Love that quilt.
    Yes I’ve been up watching the wedding. However it just is not like when I watched his mother get married.

  3. Just beautiful. I love the dots and entire quilt. I bet you’re very happy to have it back home again.

    The wedding is just awesome. I’ve been up since 3am central time watching. I am extremely impressed at how regal Catherine appears already and with such poise too. William just looks wonderful but he has had a very hard time keeping that huge grin off his face while trying to appear solemn for what is a very important day. He looked like a Cheshire cat ready to break into a jig and pick up his bride and twirl her around at any moment on their way out of the church. LOL Catherine is really a gorgeous woman as is her sister as well. All the carriages are just wonderful to see with the horses escorting them back to the palace. The British do know how to just pull out all the stops showing all the pomp and circumstance in these occasions and do is SO well. I think all the things after the wedding which I am watching now is the best part and OMG the Queen was seen with a HUGE smile inside her carriage! I was glad to see that since you rarely see her smile.

    • Vicki,

      It was very classy throughout the entire event. I loved it! :) I was just reading about all the details and symbols that went into the wedding gown. Love love love it when a bride incorporates meaning into her wedding details.

      Have a lovely day, Wendy

  4. Love the quilt. It is so fun and bright. Yes, watching as we speak. Dress is stunning and feminine. Glad to see such happiness in England.

  5. I just Love your beautiful Polka Dot quilt !
    Is gorgeous :)

    The Royal couple look beautiful together and they lseem to be really in Love with each other
    Only best wishes for their future together!
    Also thinking of Princess Diana

  6. I live in Bethlehem South Africa and have just viewed the church ceremony – what absolute beauty and style. An amazing sermon and the choir was superb!


  7. I taped it but haven’t seen it all yet. The part that was on while I was getting ready this morning was probably the least exciting, the recessional and carriage ride. But the music I heard was gorgeous. Love her dress and understated elegance. I wondered if there was a bit of sorrow for him that his mom wasn’t there. I hope they’ll be happier than his parents were.

  8. I love polka dots…. this quilt is so adorable!
    and…. just for your info… I did not watch the wedding – I hope them the best…
    I did watch Charles & Di’s way back then……

  9. I had intended to tape the wedding but forgot to set it up last night. When I got up this morning at 7AM, on the BBC feed they were just coming out from signing the wedding certificates. Disappointed that I had missed the actual ceremony, I sat down and watched them leave Westminster Abbey and go to Buckingham Palace for the balcony presentation. Then found out that E! was re-running the ceremony. It is now almost 2PM and I just finished watching that and re-watching the finale. Clearly I’ll get nothing else done today!

    It was a beautiful and elegant event. They look like they will be a very happy couple. God Save the Queen!

  10. Love your polka dots. I’ve noticed a lot of polka dots these days. What a comeback!

    Loved the bride’s gown; so elegant. I hope I get to see the dress closeup and the details on it. I got to see one of Diana’s dresses up close when it was on tour in CA. It was absolutely beautiful and I was just awed at the beading on it. My next favorite part was when they left the palace in the convertible. It was so NOW; carriage to convertible.

    Going down for a nap now…

  11. lovely dots very happy l like it a lot No never watched and was not home all day so did not get to see any news feeds I did see the lovely wedding photo they are a great looking pair I do wish them the best

  12. I watched the coverage from the first guests arriving to the balcony appearance. Fav bits were the actual ceremony and the carriage procession to the palace. All that pagentry is something we Brits do so well!!
    Your dots quilt looks so bright and cheerful :)

  13. This is such a wonderful, happy quilt. I DVR’d the wedding and watched it off and on all day yesterday. I loved every bit of it! It was so romantic even for this senior citizen! Hard to pick a favorite part, but if pressed, I would say the images from above as Catherine was walking down the aisle with her father were breathtakingly beautiful. What a magnificent church.

  14. Beautiful quilt. Glad to know it is back home.

    I watched a few bits & pieces of the wedding. Always fun to see people so in love get married, but something special about this young couple. I enjoyed see her walk down the aisle, so enthusiastic and smiling. And I really enjoyed seeing the young couple on the balcony, taking their first public kiss as a married couple. Quite traditional and yet so very special.


  15. The wedding was beautiful. My favorite part was the balcony kiss. Both of them lol. Your pinwheel quilt is very nice, I love the polka dots! Debbie

  16. I love the dots! That is such a cheerful, happy quilt!

    I watched almost every minute of the wedding coverage. My favourite part was when they emerged from the church. I thought she was stunning and so classy.

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