I am beat!

Hello Friends,

I hope your Easter weekend was lovely. We had a lot of noisy fun around the house, and Miss Baby couldn’t be more pleased with our company.

We had fun taking the kids to spot the pandas in the zoo. Miss baby had an “Aha” moment when she saw real elephants for the first time in her life. It took her a couple of minutes to connect the pictures of elephants she sees in books and the real ones she saw at the zoo, and when the connection finally clicked after a couple of minutes, she went “WOW!”

I did most of the cleaning last night. This week will be focused on work, work, work, and work. Stay tuned for pictures.

10 thoughts on “I am beat!

  1. Nice to see you had some fun time with Miss Baby love that photo. I am beat too lots of food company and clean up but fun. Don’t work too hard. Hugs

  2. I love watching young ones figure the world out! I remember my nanny girl, at about 18 mo, saw a fish tank for the first time. After gazing in wonder for several moments, she cracked up laughing and said “Funny Birdies!” Guess all the One Fish, Two Fish nights didn’t connect. . . ;D

  3. Seeing the world through a child’s eye is so exciting, reminds us that the world still has much to offer as well as remind us how fortunate we are.

  4. I’m with you Wendy…beat.
    That is so sweet that Miss Baby enjoyed the zoo with wows!
    Thankfully my calendar doesn’t sound like yours this week. I’m glad you are younger than me with more energy. Blessings…

  5. Lovely Easter tim , thanks! and the day after , 25th april , Little Easter as we call it , it was the day in which all Italians try to picnic outisde, on their gardens, on the lake, on the river, on the mounian , everywhere but not inside home!You could see so many barbecues on everyehere!!!
    Hope Miss Baby had a nice impression of the elephants: when I was living in Africa I always thought that they were the most sweet animals of the savana!!

  6. When she grows up Miss Baby may not remember the first time she saw an elephant, but that moment will stay with you forever. My daughter is a senior in college and we went up to visit her for the Easter weekend. We had a wonderful time and as we laughed and ate our way through the weekend, my mind wandered back to many of her “firsts.” Enjoy each day.

  7. How fun – I loved taking my boys to the zoo, we had an annual pass and went weekly. Sometimes we took our sketchpads and pencils! Glad you had a good Easter hon!

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