Featured Interview

Good day, my friends! I hope you are doing well today. I have actually scheduled a Thread Talk post for today. I decided to put that off till tomorrow because of a featured interview Barb of Asian Art and Quilts have done with me. A big thank you to Barb for all the nice things she said about me. So, please head on over to Barb’s site to read the interview if you think I am interesting enough of a person for you to read about. For the record, I think I am a boring person who lives a pretty boring life. :)

If you still have any questions for me after you’ve read the interview, please leave them in the comment section. I will try my best to answer them… Meanwhile, I have got to fly! I told you that we have family coming, another quilt to finish, and Miss Baby isn’t at 100%. What I had forgotten to tell you is that I am also planning a wedding by proxy that’s going to happen out-of-state in a few weeks. If you only hear from my sporadically these few weeks, you will know why!

A swift update on the quilting front, I have another project in the works using these fabrics that I have already used for Autumn Stars. Problem is, this new project is harder than I had expected… you know how sometimes things look easy on paper, but extremely illusive in practice?! Well, I am right in the middle of that situation right now. I hope to emerge from my quagmire here, and show you some pictures soon!

Have a lovely day!

11 thoughts on “Featured Interview

  1. Planning a wedding by proxy! Yikes…that kind of sounds like what we are doing having no sure date on when our wedding will be. :0)
    Hope you are out of that quagmire soon Wendy!

  2. WENDY: —
    You are far way far from being boring. All you work is just fabulous. I look forward to your blog everyday or so. Have a wonderful funfilled Easter and do take time to smell the roses.

  3. You..boring…nodda chance girl! Be careful not to hurt yourself getting out of the quagmire…then have a nice long soak in the tub with a glass of wine!!

  4. Wendy – great interview…and well deserved – I am looking forward to your fantatic Thread talk – Have a lovely Easter – and dont work to hard – Good luck with the long distance wedding plans.

  5. WOW! I thought you were busy! You’re REALLY busy!! Loved your interview and I agree, you are a star to be recognized. Rah! Rah! Rah!

  6. Great interview Wendy – I too think of you as a rising star! I don’t think you’re a boring person at all – the only boring people are the ones who think they’re better than everybody else at everything, lol. You’re definitely head and shoulders above the crowd in quilting, but you don’t brag! I love how you share your knowledge and encouragement.

    Is Miss Baby still teething? I hope she’s all better for the weekend!

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