Monogram in smocking

In the midst of last weekend’s craziness, I managed to sneak in the monogram on Miss Baby’s smocked dress.

Now, how supremely cool is that….?!  I love that monogram!  As you can see, I also started on the embroidery of the flowers.  After much deliberation and a drawn out discussion with my husband (because I tend to major on the minor, like color combination), it is decided that at least for that top row, I should do a combination of pink and lavender…. mainly because Miss Baby already has a blue and yellow smocked dress she still wears.  We will see how that looks before deciding on the colors for the rest of the flowers.

I am keeping this a bit short as I have to squeeze in some paperwork stuff before my little ones wakes up from her nap.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have nice day.  Talk to you again tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “Monogram in smocking

  1. I, also, love monogramming! This is such a sweet dress–be sure to show us a picture when all is finished. I never did try smocking when I had a little one but wished I had at least tried. We have 2 little boys-2 and 5 so smocking would not do for them!

  2. Yeah!!! you are about done with the smocking- it looks beautiful. Good luck on construction- I am still working on the girls- Allyson on her way over to sew- love ya

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