How things look on the back…

I was putting up my Quilting Around the Applique Block banner over the weekend, and realized that I never had a chance to take a good look at the back of the quilt in my frenzy to get the quilt sent out to the editor last year. So I took the time to appreciate the curves and the circles and the feathers on the back of the banner over the weekend.Β  Here are a few shots to share with you:

I am again reminded to look beyond the “layers” in so many life situations, because I might find extra beauty there that I might have normally missed. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a beautiful day!

p.s. After talking to an editor this afternoon, I am going to have an extremely busy upcoming two or three weeks. We have hatched up something rather fun for you. Details to follow. If you don’t hear from me, please don’t think that I am ignoring you… I am just busy burying myself with work and my family responsibilities. Should you feel like coming by to cook and babysit, feel free to give me a buzz. :) Just kidding.

23 thoughts on “How things look on the back…

  1. Hi Wendy,

    The back is beautiful. You could even hang it with the back on the front! What gorgeous quilting! Thank you for sharing the pictures.


  2. Wendy!

    I love the back as much as the front–you can use both sides–beautiful work. I am looking forward to seeing what is coming up!!

  3. Love love love the back as much as the front. Just amazing. Oh I wish I could come and play with Miss Baby while you stitch up a storm we would have so much fun. We would have a tea party and put on big hats and bowas I have a few of them. I would make small tea sandwiches and invite all the teddies in the house. Oh what fun. If I could just twinkle my nose I could be there.
    Hugs Bunny

  4. It’s great that the back is so lovely, too. I’m reminded that when walking along taking photos to look back and see what you’ve missed or the view from another angle…

  5. In my backpacking days, I always made it a habit to turn around and look back. You get two views; the one in front and the one in back. What a wonderful “treat”. I see it can be the same for quilts. Your quilt views are absolutely exquisite.

  6. Hello, Wendy Sheppard and Company. Have tried using the e-mail and the address won’t be found.
    Writing about the Joseph’s Pinwheel quilt, which I just love. Great design and choice of fabrics. Would like to buy a kit for this quilt, but tried to do this through Fons & Porter and they can’t get it. My preference is to purchase the kit, but alternatively, can I get the pattern and a list of the fabrics – yardage, etc.?
    Thanks a bunch

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