Quilting Around the Applique Block in QUILTER’S WORLD (April 2011)

My Quilting Around the Applique Block article is out in Quilter’s World April 2011 issue. It is the second of the two-article-series on quilting planning I did for Quilter’s World. You can click here to view the project I did for the first article.  This second article focuses exclusively on quilting applique blocks, giving readers ideas on what and how to quilt applique blocks beyond the usual echoing around applique pieces.

The layout scheme is the same as the project I did for the first project. I thought that maybe one of these days, I can display both banners side by side in my dream sewing room.

I normally do machine fusible applique, finished with buttonhole stitches, for magazine projects, but I did the applique on the blocks by hand using needleturn method so that I wouldn’t have the buttonhole stitches distractingthe quilting in the close-up shots.

The article covers encouraging snippets on quilting for beginning machine quilters in background quilting.

This is a twist on echoing around the applique pieces… instead of a regular pass, a string of pearls/pebbles were quilted as an echoing pass around the applique pieces:

I also showed three different quilting treatments on the actual applique pieces in the article.

The quilt sample was made with Handspray Collection fabrics by RJR Fabrics, quilted with YLI Silk 1oo (top) and Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton (bottom) threads over Tuscany Wool Batting by Hobbs Bonded Fibers.

The 4.5-page article also includes the applique pattern for those who wants to make my project sample.  It contains many of my personal preferences on domestic machine quilting to hopefully help you further along in your machine quilting endeavor.  Get your copy today if you haven’t already!  This magazine also comes in an e-version if you prefer to read your magazines the e-way.

If you have a chance to browse through the article, I would dearly love to hear your feedback.   Thanks for stopping by.  With these pansies blossoming outside our front door, I wish you a lovely weekend!

p.s.  I have been dealing with Miss Baby’s teething issues at my end.  My email/internet/work time has been severely limited.  That’s why many of you haven’t heard from me… I hope to be able to catch up soon.  Meanwhile, I am living the life of the mother of a young child.

32 thoughts on “Quilting Around the Applique Block in QUILTER’S WORLD (April 2011)

  1. Hi Wendy, I love getting your emails… it brightens my day :o)
    Sorry to hear about Miss baby but have you tried an amber teething necklace for her. My daughter and daughter in law swear by them and I have to admit the grandchildren seem to be more settled with them.
    Take care
    Warm Regards

  2. Aww poor Miss Baby, having sore mouth is not fun for any of us. She needs hugs and loves. Your quilting is breathtaking, amazing and a ton of other words to praise your work. Oh how I wish I could do that… ;)

  3. Living the life of a mother and young child never ends -its gets more intense – till they go to school – then there is just the chores around the house to do:) but the good side is – she can help too.
    I love that article and of course your quilt – and I thank you for the closeups of your wonderful quilting. I hope I can get the book here..or I may just have to order it ‘specially ♥

  4. Poor Baby! I always would freeze the teething rings and that seems to help plus Oral Jell that I rubbed on the little gums. Hope she can at least sleep at night.
    Just love the Applique’ and I went back and read the article in last months Quilting World and then read your last article since I just got the magazine a few days ago and had not had a chance to sit and really get serious with the magazine. Both articles are worth keeping and referring to them often. Articles are most helpful. Have a great weekend.

  5. Wendy, Love the pictures, your quilting is beautiful as usual! Sorry about miss Baby, I used to put an ice cube in a clean wash cloth and let my daughter suck on it. maybe it will help Miss Baby too

  6. Wow Wendy you really are a remarkable talented quilter and no doubt a great Mum! Oh the teething days, I remember, lots of cuddles always help for baby and you.
    I love your encouraging emails, but life is busy and we all must prioritize.
    take care.

  7. I’ll have to look for it, Wendy! I love this quilt. Oh I remember those teething days ….I kept a wet washcloth in the freezer for chewing on. Um, not for me.

  8. What an amazing post and design!!! You have introduced the beginner to a number of quilting designs, but make it sound so easy! It really does look beautiful :) Best wishes for Miss Baby and her teething woes. Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  9. Wendy…that quilt, once again, is just gorgeous! :)

    PS…About the teething…I’m sure what I’m going to tell you is controversial; however, I’m going to share what a well-respected pediatrician with 40 years of experience told me when my 1st child was teething.

    At bedtime, pour a small shot of amaretto (or bourbon). Dip your finger in it, and swipe your baby’s gums with it. It will numb baby’s gums and won’t wash out from the saliva like Orajel does. As baby is sucking on your finger, drink what’s left in the shot. Everyone will sleep well. ;)

    I’m not ashamed to say I did this with all three of my kids. The teething process was much easier! :)

    Happy Friday!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous applique and quilting. How do you decide what the quilting design/motif should be? When I look at a square or quilt I have no idea what to do.

  11. That’s amazing. I’ve never quilted a top like that, just simple lines so I’m fascinated with the process. Lovely!

  12. Hi! I’ve downloaded my issue. Very good article. I like that I’m learned from the best.

    Teething: thank goodness the second set is much easier to deal with!

  13. I cannot believe how beautiful your machine quilting is. I am in awe. Great job. Hope the teething issues don’t get you down.

  14. Hello

    I don’t have a blog but follow several blogs every day with yours being at the top of my favorites. I love your projects and your quilting is very inspirational.

    I caught your article in the magazine. Very informative to be sure! Unfortunately, the photos in the magazine didn’t do it justice. The ones on your blog are FAR better.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming!

    Denise D.

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