Bountiful Blessings: Sneak Peek #1

This is what’s outside:

The first of my autumn projects is what I am working on presently… my quilting schedule sort of follows the seasons in the southern hemisphere even though I live in the other hemisphere.

It’s kind of weird. When I am working at my my sewing machine, I am thinking of roasted turkey and pecan pie. But when I look outside, I am thinking of my pastel blue spring dress!  So how is your spring/autumn season shaping where you’re at?

Thanks for stopping by.  I just got in some new fabrics… will show them to you tomorrow.


20 thoughts on “Bountiful Blessings: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Looks like another wonderful project is underway. Always anxious to see your projects. The weather here is cold, rainy, and miserable all the way around. We got a little taste of spring and now it is back to winter. Hope it is better at your house. I live in northeastern Iowa and I am so ready for spring.

  2. Nice seeing the buds coming out. Here in Oregon USA – I have crocus blooming in purple and yellow with some buds showing up on the Flowering almond and Lilac bushes. Our weather is intermittent snow and then warm sunny days. Tilled up the garden today. It’s to early, but we’ll till it again just before planting time around first of May. Meanwhile,I know I still have another full month of quilting. : )

  3. Wish we had blossoms here, yesterday the grass was getting greener last night it started to snow. Today we were blessed with a blizzard and got over 12 inches of snow and it looks like we will have it for weeks going to get colder instead of warmer. Hope it is gone by Mother’s day. LOL Hugs Bunny

  4. Hi there Wendy,
    well the weather here in South Australia (Autumn) has been cold and wintery with the first sign of autumn kissing our cheeks with a chill and making me want to start cooking casseroles and soups.
    I am thinking of getting some fabrics out soon and planning something with hand applique so that I have the excuse of being able to sit quietly and just relax with a nice cuppa.

    Enjoy your warmer weather

    Kind regards

  5. It was very cold and snowing here today. That looks like a nice quilt your working on, I will look forward to seeing it.

  6. Hi! Wendy:
    In Southern AZ is has been extremely windy and cool down to 37* in the mornings and 75* during the day BUT NO RAIN!! We sure could use some.
    I love the colors and your nice work. Can’t wait to see the fabric! Have a great evening.

  7. Roasted turkey and pecan pie? Interesting! They actually sound good and with our winter storms we have had this week I think I would mind smelling them cooking right now. ;-}

  8. In South Carolina (USA) everything outside is turning green! It was 85 degrees yesterday. The dogwoods and Bradford pear trees are gloriously white, and the azaleas are beginning to bloom. It’ll be time to plant the summer garden next week. It’s getting too hot to hand quilt under all those layers, but I’ll keep sewing blocks to assemble later. Your work is SO beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds like some conflict in your brain. lol
    We had a spring storm come through last night. Everything is so crisp and clean. The sky is so blue and I love the new lime green of the new leaves.

  10. Pretty fall colors ! I’m looking at snow snowers out the window, but it isn’t supposed to last. Still in the 30s and will be so for a week. Daffodils are peeking but too smart to come out. My teen DD was looking over my shoulder when I had one of the past week’s postings and thought your quilts were beautiful—she loved the quilting ! Sue

  11. I had no snow in my yard Tuesday night and woke up to 6 inches the next morning, it snowed all day yesterday and we ended up with a foot of snow by 6:00 pm. I was so sure Spring was here that I had moved some of my patio furniture onto the deck (thankfully I had covered them) and woke up to winter once again. One would think I would learn hahaha.

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