Carol H. from Arizona (no blog) said “Hot Chili Peppers” is one of her favorites of all my designs.  She left a comment a couple of weeks ago:

“One of my favorites is the HOT CHILI PEPPERS. I live in Southern Arizona and quilted this for my front door. I have had many comments on it and they always want to know where I bought it. I am a beginner and it thrills me when I can say that I quilted this.”

I so wanted to see Carol’s version of Hot Chili Peppers.  So, I wrote and asked if she would send pictures of her banner to share with Ivory Spring readers.  She graciously did!  Looking at her pictures, one can’t tell she is a beginner!  She did a superb job, don’t you think?

Carol even quilted peppers on the border – impressive!

Oh, I think Carol should have her own blog to share pictures of her beautiful work, don’t you?!  Meanwhile, please leave a comment here and tell Carol she did a lovely job making and displaying her Hot Chili Peppers in AZ!  Thanks again for stopping by!


22 thoughts on “HOT CHILI PEPPERS in Arizona!

  1. Great job, Carol! I also live in Southern AZ (Yuma) and it’s not unusual to see “ristras” hanging on people’s porches – though I see this more in NM where I’m originally from – but I like the quilted version on your ristra better than the real things – they crumble and fall apart – yours won’t!

  2. Outstanding Job on the quilt Carol! I have a thing for Chili peppers too and your quilting is fabulous for a beginner. Of course we would love to see more of your work on a blog.

    Thanks Wendy for sharing Carol’s work with us. Love your design. I designed a Chili pepper quilt about 10 yrs ago for my dmil who loves chili’s. She would love this one too, can you tell me how to get the pattern. Thanks I’ve made her a number of Chili pepper quilts and this one would make a nice table runner.

  3. Wendy! Thank you for putting this on your blogg. All the comments are so encouraging and uplifting. This makes me want to get busy again and finish up what I have started. Thank you for asking me to share my Hot Chili Peppers. From Green Valley, AZ

  4. Very beautiful job! Definitely looks like the work of a seasoned quilter!

    This is a super cute pattern, so I can understand why she chose to use it. :)

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