GIVEAWAY: Celebrating National Quilting Day!

Dear Friends,

To celebrate National Quilting Day, you now have a chance to own a copy of “Jump-start Your Quilting” book, thanks to the lovely folks at House of White Birches!

In addition to my three projects featured in the book,

[French Bouquet, page 60 ]

[Lollipop Spring, page 116]

[Spring Nesting, page 54]

there are many many more projects in the book for your quilty/crafty enjoyment!

All you have to do is to leave a comment and tell me what kind of quilting books you like to see and would actually purchase? And if you have time, check out my “deep thoughts” on quilting here.  Come back on Friday for the announcement of the winner!

Again, Happy National Quilting Day, Everyone. I would love to hear of any quilty things you are going to do this weekend to celebrate this special day set aside to recognize the heritage of quilting and quilters in this country!

p.s. Click here to read about the history of National Quilting Day, and here for a link to a free project to celebrate 2011’s National Quilting Day!

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128 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Celebrating National Quilting Day!

  1. Your patterns are awesome.

    I usually buy applique or folk art type books now that I have a whole slew of different kinds, but those are my favorite…

  2. I enjoy the blogs that I subscribe to and look forward to hearing about new quilting books that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. I especially enjoy when they post photos of projects in the books. I add them to my wish list at and then when I have enough for free shipping I place my order! I’ve also found that a great way to sell quilting books that I am no longer using, is to list them for sale on, an Ebay company. It’s so easy to list them there. You just enter your ISBN number, your book info comes up and you decide on a sell price based on how that title is currently selling.

  3. I buy a variety of quilt books. I love books on the history of quilting to the most basic “how to” books. I am inspired and in awe of what came before and I revere the connections that quilting provides.

  4. The quilting books and articles that interest me are those offering color inspiration using simple geometric shapes. Love your photos and blog.

  5. The quilting books that I actually buy contain not just patterns, but unique techniques and tips that work for multiple projects. I also shy away from patterns/books that only use a specific ruler that I have to specially purchase for that project.

  6. I like to see quilting books with examples of machine quilting and how they are used in a project. I also love applique, so love to see a good applique book. I also like books to have simple, understandable instructions and great pictures!

    I’d love to have this book! It sounds up my alley! Cathy

  7. What a nice giveaway. I’d love to win that book; especially with those projects in there.

    The books I’ve been buying are written very well to include very good instructions in wording and pictures to show each of the steps too. I’ve got a few that I’m not super fond of that just have pictures of each step with arrows etc. but no written directions. Because I’m still somewhat new to quilting those books don’t help me as much as the ones with written and pictoral step by step instructions.

    As far as what is in the books; that’s really varied. I like books dedicated to just one type of quilt with many variations given and others I like have many different projects from the smaller wall hangings to baby to bed sized quilts. I love all of them based on the mood I’m in when wanting to do something new. I might be in the mood to do something quick or to start a new larger quilt project that might take awhile to make. The most important factor for me though, is great instruction/directions and great pictures to show each of the steps from start to fniish.

    Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  8. I love ALL quilting books, whether topic is sampler, antique, patchwork, applique, hand-quilting or machine quilting. If I don’t have the time to actually work on a quilt, reading about quilts and quilt-making is the next best thing! Would love to have a copy of your new book.

  9. The books I seem to go for lately are those on creative machine quilting (on a home, not long arm, machine, preferably). Patterns that are clearly written and have been tested for accuracy with diagrams showing how it was quilted. That book looks awesome! Would love to win!-)

  10. The last book I bought was Material Obsession, I tend to go for books that are beautiful, modern and have great quilts inside! I love the learn new techniques too, so I like books that cover specific techniques for example, applique, foundation piecing, quilting.

  11. What a nice book!!
    I purchase a variety of quilting books. I am especially drawn to books by favorite designers, that are well illustrated and photographed.
    The beginning of our quilt projects often start from a beautiful quilt hanging on a wall in a quilt shop that has jumped off the pages of a book or pattern. One time I saw a quilt hanging in the Old Green Cupboard Quilt Shop in Jacksonville, Florida. It was Boston Baskets by Terri Atkinson. I loved the quilt because of the fabric choices and colors, then I realized I had the book! The quilt is on the front of one of her books in a completely different fabric style. I’ve since made the quilt and it’s my current favorite of my completed projects.

  12. Once again I have to say that your work is wonderful. The deep thought article that you referred us to is really great. I buy books now that give me information on machine quilting and I love books that give new and different patterns.

    Your site has been so helpful to me; I’m quilting on my DSM and having a lot of fun thanks largely to your encouragement.

  13. Thank you for your give away, your quilts are beautiful!!!! I love all books, I’m all over the place from Gees Bend, to Amish, to Kaffe Fassett, jellly rolls, art journal, applique and everything inbetween.

  14. Thank you for the nice giveaway opportunity. Recently my interest has been more in books that give examples of quilting along with the pattern. Your blog has been an inspiration for me.

  15. I like quilting books that have photos to illustrate the directions with each step. I want authors to state exactly the brand of thread and batting they use to achieve their quilting. Even if I am not able to stitch the exact patterns, I like to know what I can expect using a particular product.
    I also like books that go beyond patterns and offer information on new techniques.

    On National Quilting Day, I will be removing the disastrous quilting from a UFO I have been trying to finish. After finishing 1/3 of the quilt, it was obvious that things were getting worse not better. Hopefully, I can do a better job the second time around.

  16. I have quite a collection of quilting books. Most of them are with pieced patterns with one or two applique as well as paper piecing. Usually I look for patterns I might actually make.

  17. What a wonderful giveaway! This book looks so awesome. I like scrappy projects, so I am drawn to books that include scrappy quilts. But I also like orderly quilts, like using a fabric line collection. I have enjoyed using patterns where the instructions are easy to follow, but look like a complicated pattern ;-) Not much going on this weekend as we are traveling home.

  18. What a great giveaway! I buy a variety of books~ some just for inspiration, and others I want to make every project in them! I like books that offer more than just large quilts. Sometimes I feel like making something small and it is fun to have those options all in one book. Happy Quilting Day!

  19. I like to buy books that have a lot of information on a specific subject, or books that have wonderful pictures for inspiration, and books that tell the inspiration behind the pattern or the pattern history. I buy books for all the areas of quilting, sewing and such and enjoy them all really. I’m hoping to get to the Bulloch Hall yearly quilt exhibit this weekend and am cleaning out my sewing room in anticipation of making lots and lots of quilts, bags and stuff in an organized place.

  20. I buy McCalls quilting and have done so for a year – also Fons and Porter. I love the Mcalls one more – but they are all really informative. I as alwasy sove the projects that you show…muchly :)

  21. IS—I have been following you for a short period. What I enjoy about your work is that you do not always stay within the standards of quilting. I find most of my quilts are unusual. I am ready to quilt now and not just make tops. You share options quietly that gives me hope I will master this next skill. I love quilt shows and hope someday to see yours in person. Just continue who you are and the people will find you. Pat

  22. Lately I have bought books using precut fabrics. Pam and Nicky Lintott have several I have purchased. Now I would like to buy books that have quilting designs included with the patterns. Sometimes you don’t want to quilt as desired LOL. Thanks for the give away!!!

  23. I like scrap quilt books and any sort of reproduction type quilt book. Your projects are fabulous. thank you for the opportunity to win a book!

  24. I like to purchase many types of quilt books. I have a few applique books, civil war quilting books, modern quilting books, liberated quilting books, vintage quilting books….I love books…LOL Now to use them more…
    Thank for the link on the history of National Quilt Day.

  25. I feel that each quilt is an expression of my life, or history. I love applique and am learning more and more each month. Quilting is no longer for warmth OR an occasion to salvage fabric from old clothes, but it is an “art form” of the highest level.The “paintings”, “illusions” or “stories told”by creating something very unique with cloth is of GREAT value in our creative history. The quilting books that help us accomplish this is what I look for and enjoy purchasing. Each book is like opening up a NEW WORLD of discovery and creativity.

  26. My favourite quilting books are ones that are focused on the history of quilts. I find that those are the books I am more likely to buy.
    That said, this book with all the quilting tips sounds like one that I really do need to get!
    Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  27. Are you implying there is such a thing as a terrible quilting book…lol…? I think in order to purchase a quilting book, I generally look for ones with patterns that look intricate, but easy to follow instructions. If it included your patterns and FMQ instructions, I wouldn’t bother looking at any other books. :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  28. I do love to quilt but I am hesitant of trying anything that requires thinking ‘out of the box’. I like a book that shows me how to try something different and then gives littles notes and ideas to encourage me to actually try to think of myself and be brave enough to try something new!

    Perhaps at 64 years of age I am too old to change my outlook totally but I do like to have the seed of any idea on the pages of a book that will push me that little bit further and make at least try something different.

    Kind regards from a cold frosty morning in the depths of Hampshire in England.

    Sally Whatmore

  29. I am drawn to quilts that are densely quilted, or with intricate patchwork designs. So books that highlight both of these styles would call to my from their shelves.

  30. Something with a bit of applique has been my current trend to buy. I check fetchbook, abebooks or addall to find used books with fair shipping cost. (begin rant at seller who though $8 s/h for a presser foot was going to fly!) I often ask for something through inter-library loan to see if I really want to own it. I feel a bit of guilt not using many of my books after buying them – similar to the UFO/stash busting guilt that afflicts most of us. But I love my small library shelf!!

  31. I love all books on quilting, I won’t necessarily want to do them all but I love sitting with a cup of tea and just flipping through the pages and being amazed by the colours, techniques used and the quilting designs chosen. I love to go to a quilt store and just stare at all the possibilites. It amazes me the talent some people have.

  32. My quilt books lately tend to be about art quilts, without specific patterns or designs, more really about concepts. Since I’ve been into dyeing my own fabric and learning a lot of new techniques to create my own fabric, it’s hard to then sit down and create a specific patchwork pattern. I did order a book just this week on Cathedral Window quilts, though, which I can’t wait to arrive in the mail.

  33. Well where do I begin;) I love all quilt book I have a bookcase full of them and also hundreds of quilt magazines. I love to sit and grab a few books or old magazines and flip through them to get inspiration. Although since blogging I do get a lot of inspiration from creative people like you. I would love to win one of these. I wish luck to everyone who enters. PS I love your blue and brown quilts. Oh shucks I love your free motion your work always makes me drool on my keyboard. ;) Oh another PS good luck with your Esty shop saw your photo your as cute as Miss Baby.

  34. I’m drawn to books about applique and about quilting. Your applique and your quilting are both fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  35. Hi,
    I have a spewcial folder for all your email so that I can reread it again and maybe learn just the basics. Maybe I am not too old to learn? Love to see your work….Twila

  36. Hi,
    I have a special folder for all your email so that I can reread it again and maybe learn just the basics. Maybe I am not too old to learn? Love to see your work….Twila

  37. I love books! I buy all kinds of quilting books depending on my interest at the time. This last year I have bought books using pre cuts. I like applique and have more books than I’ll ever use, but I love looking at them and getting ideas. I like books with a variety of size projects. Books and magazines that include table runners and mats along with quilts of all sizes give me more ideas of what I can do with each design. I would love to win this book. French Bouquet and Lollipop are definitely my kind of projects.

  38. Hmm! What kinds of quilting books would I like to see and would I purchase? Good question! I have to begin by saying that I already own a LOT of quilting and sewing books. I have books on hand quilting, books on machine quilting, books with patterns, and a couple of Paula Nadelstern’s books because she is just a rock star and I am a quilting groupie. Okay, here’s what I would like to see and buy: Big, hardcover, coffee table size books with gorgeous color photos of amazing quilts. No patterns in the book, and not a lot of text — the book should be like the coffee table books on interior design or couture fashion houses, and I would use them for inspiration more than trying to replicate the quilts in the book, in the same way that a garment sewer gets inspiration from books full of Chanel. That’s what I would like to see, and what I would buy.

    I haven’t had time to stop by in awhile, but I’m always glad when I do. Your quilts just make me SO HAPPY! I love your Lollipop Spring flowers. My big work project should be wrapping up within the next couple of months, and I really am itching to get back in my sewing room again!

  39. I clicked the link to your comments on quilting. I really enjoyed reading how you equate the process and parts of a quilt to our lives. I have only been quilting for a year but quilting has enriched my life and I feel like I can pass on a little piece of myself to my children and grandchildren.

  40. Happy Quilting Day Wendy and fellow quilters. I love different books just as we are all so uniquely different and special. It then makes our lives and our creativeness so much richer.
    I will be quilting a scrappy quilt today that reminds me of the pieces of my life. When their all put together and have a purpose they show a life and it’s patterns. We are all put together for God’s purpose and it is by no mistake we have become friends. In our journey of creating and sharing our passion of quilting, we have such richness in our lives and our work becomes more beautiful because we share with others.
    I’m so thankful to be a quilter of many generations in my own family and am anxious to see what lies ahead in my daughter’s and granddaughter’s handy work.

  41. In honor of National Quilting Day, I plan to celebrate on my own. My favorite local quilt shop is having their annual sale and I hope to find tons of goodies! And then to come home to fill the rest of the day with quilting!

    On quilting books, I’m currently looking for books about machine-quilting. Or it could be a book, not neccesarily about machine-quilting, but the quilts featured have great quilting. Great for inspiration!!

  42. I love applique (machine, for me), so I love really lovely applique projects that are adaptable to both hand and machine projects. Your projects are lovely. Congratulations on being included and thank you so much for the chance to win a copy. I’m working on quilting my owl quilt for my little grandson who will putting in an appearance soon.

  43. This quilt book seems right up my alley — I suppose I’ll have to buy it if I don’t win (lol). Your work is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks so much for a great giveaway.

    xo -El

  44. I have a few different kinds of quilt books- ones that have patterns done by my favorite designers ( Kaffe Fassett, Ricky TIms, Paula Nadelstern, Carrie Nelson are a few) and books that use shapes that I love – hearts, stars and circles are among my favorite.
    I also love quilt books that tell stories about the history of quilts ( I love Barbara Brackman’s blog for that reason) and quilt novels ( Jennifer Chiaverini, Earlene Fowler) .
    I also love quilt magazines…. and fabric… and ..,tools to do with quilting..

    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely book- it looks like it has some terrific ideas.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  45. Your quilts are beautiful—-maybe in my next life I will be able to quilt as well as you. I usally buy what I like by flipping through the pages. It has to have a least 2 quilt that I want to make before I’ll buy the book. Thanks for the give-away.

  46. I’m such a newbie that I love any quilting book. I have a lot to learn. :) Especially want to learn how to do free motion quilting, but not sure my machine can do that.

  47. I usually buy books that contain applique. I love to applique and although I have a list of applique projects to start that is quite long, I still find myself looking for new ones to add to it. I am constantly re-prioritizing projects. Needless to say, I also want to make almost every project that appears on your blog! So many projects, so little time!

  48. I like a wide variety of quilting books, pieced to applique, brights to muted colors. And will buy as long as there is a pattern that I would enjoy making and having for my own.

  49. I love buy books.
    but,lately my taste has been for modern quilts
    and smaller projects, I am also liking japanese quilt and fabric
    craft books

  50. Books, books, everywhere are books! I love them all!! But the most valuable, and most often referred to, are the technique books, rather than pattern books. Except when I’m looking for a pattern to use for some fabric I’ve collected. Like I said, love ’em all :-D

  51. being a fairly new quilter, I would like to see books that not only have patterns and beautiful pictures, but a bit of “how-to”. I have taken a few classes and from each class I learned a good tip or how-to that I now use on other projects.

  52. I just happened to be surfing the web on National Quilt Day and found your site and signed up for your newsletter. Some of my favorite books on quilt patterns are Civil War, Hobo quilts, and anything made from 1930’s. Also, anything that has a Rabbit or a Snowman!! The most stressful thing for me about quilting, is after the top is finished I want to add beautiful designs but, afraid my ideas will ruin the creation I spent so much time on so i just do something simple.I would love help in this area. Will look forward to your newsletters..

  53. Applique books for sure. I am heading towards doing a large applique quilt for myself once I finish off some UFO’s.

  54. I tend to buy books on applique and on free motion quilting. They are the current skills I’m trying to improve.

    To celebrate national quilting day I took a bus trip to the Lancaster AQS show. I had a great time with my friends and saw many beautiful inspiring quilts

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  56. Just found you through craft gossip, and in the few minutes I have looked at your site, I have found so many useful tips! Thanks! I tend to pick up books that have newer techniques and show/use colorful fabric.

  57. i like to quilt , but it has taken a back seat .
    may be this book would give me inspiration to start it all over again .
    thank you for the giveaway

  58. Please enter me in the give away! I just got my new sewing machine and broke her in really well on National Quilting day! I love all quilting books, typically the more traditional quilts/patterns interest me but the more time I spend in blog land the more I am drawn to the more modern colors and styles, so a book with modern quilts would be fantastic!!!

  59. Im quite new to quilting and so I love to get books that have really well illustrated How To’s. Also I love quite simple patterns that show the fabrics designs well – as here in SOuth Africa fabric costs a arm and a leg so i always feel bad to but up the gorgeous fabric into teeny tiny pieces!!

  60. I have just recently been given a sewing machine and am starting to really love sewing!! I have made a couple of quilts using basic patterns, but I haven’t yet bought a quilting book. My first book purchase will probably have to have a lot of detailed instructions so I can understand the quilting terms! Thanks for the chance to win this book. The quilts look gorgeous!!!

  61. Happy Quilting Day!! I love all quilting books, but I seem to be drawn to the vibrant colors of the designs. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book!!

  62. I buy lots of different kinds of quilting books. Everything from old 70’s patterns at Goodwill (which I like to remake in unusual color schemes) to modern books like the Practical Guide to Patchwork for the bright and vibrant inspiration that they offer. I usually buy new books from because they are less expensive and the ladies at the only local quilting store are mean. :-(

  63. I love quilting books that have lots of different types of projects, more than just quilts. I don’t always want to invest as much time as it takes to make a whole quilt. I love your french bouquet piece, by the way, gorgeous!

  64. I have just started learning quilting, and would be really interested in hand sewn smaller projects, and also the use of colours and materials. I also like crazy quilting :)

  65. My favorite books are ones that show me creative ways of making use of my scraps. I’ve got SOOO MANY SCRAPS – little, big, and in between. I’ve made tons of crazy quilts and values quilts, but I’d like as many ideas as I can find.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  66. All I can say is that when I page through a quilting book, something has to just pop off the page at me and say, “Make me!!!”

  67. I just usually pick anything that would attract my eyes. Usually those with bright designs or anything cute. Those are the ones I’d buy.

  68. I was busy handquilting a lap quilt that I am making for my cousin for her 50th birthday – it is a surprise…. shhhh! Thanks for the chance to win an incredible book!!

  69. Thanks for the giveaway, would love to own this book. Currently I’m working on holiday craft projects so have set the quilting aside for a while.

  70. Super cute projects! I am currently spending my husbands paycheck at Jo-Ann’s each month. I never learned to sew when I was young and as a stay at home mother- I am DETERMINED to learn to quilt. Your projects look both adorable and manageable. Especially spring nesting… have a gift!

  71. I like a variety of quilting books. Right now my favorite are about modern quilting. Usually I will buy a technique book before a project based book as I generally design my own quilts.

  72. My stash cries out for a jump start! All those fabrics want to be used, they’re tired of just hanging out together.

  73. If it has ‘quilt’ in the title, chances are I’ve bought it! I’m a sucker for quilt books. I love to use them, read them, display them. My favorites right now are books on free-motion machine quilting patterns.

  74. Great looking book. Congrats on being published. I’m drawn to books that teach me a technique, like FMQ or a new take on an old technique. Also, LOTS of color is a bonus. Hope I win!

  75. I am a quilt book junkie! I buy all types and I actually READ them – I don’t just look at the pictures. I can’t possible live long enough to make all the projects I have marked. The one advantage, when I die my children will be able to start a fantastic quilt book museum….

  76. I love books that are have awesome patterns in them. My Grandmother was always making quilts when I was little. I would so like to make one just like she did, I’m sure I could if I made a bit more time for myself.

  77. I like books that have easy to make quilts. But the finished quilt looks difficult. I like books that have bags, purses and wall hangings. Ilike books….all kinds of books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I’m not new to sewing, have been sewing the majority of my life. But I am new to quilting and am loving it! If find myself looking for patterns on the internet and also books with instructions on quilts of any kind.

    The kids are grown and gone on their own, so now it’s MY time to enjoy my hobbies!

  79. Quilting is a stress reliever for me. I am always looking for something different, even if it is a twist on and old block. I usually have two or three projects on the table. One longterm project and one or two 30 day projects. I’m so glad I found your blog, I look forward to being inspired.

  80. I am a very new quilter, and would like to see more beginner books that break quilting down into little digestible bits at a time. Some beginner’s books will start out nice, but then throw a bunch of terminology around that I have no idea what any of it means! Also, I would like to see more “modern” quilting books. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional, but I love some of the fun & funky patterns that are in the more modern quilts too! I would love to learn how to do some work like that. :)

  81. I would love to see books on easy patterns that look hard! I am a new quilter and don’t really have the patience or experience for a lot of the patterns out there. Your book has a great title for me! ‘Jump Start.’ That’s what I want. Hope I win it.

  82. I am kind of new to quilting so I look at any book that has quilt in the title. I have a couple on scrap quilts. That is the first quilt I made.besodes the stuffed puppies I did. I could really use this book. Thank you for the giveaway.

  83. I definitely like quilt books that give great examples and detailed pictures and descriptions along with alot of great quilt options. Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. I have bought, collected, salvaged an entire library of quilting books. If it has anything to do with quilting, I get the book. My first quilting book wast Thimbleberries by Lynette Jensen. She is great for beginner quilters, as her instructions and pictures are very detailed and simple to follow. Thanks, Renee

  85. i like lots of pictures, easy to follow instructions and easy to use patterns(if needed). i’m just starting quilting and would love a copy of this book.

  86. Looks like a lovely book.
    I like applique & easy/quick quilting books, especially since my young daughter is learning to sew! Thank you!

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  88. I love quilts, but I have to admit it is something I have never done. I would love to try–this book could certainly get me interested! Thanks for the giveaway.

  89. This is a craft that I really want to get into – would love to win a great book to start me off and get some inspiration.

  90. Lovely looking projects. House of White Birches has some of the best crafting books out there. Congrats on being published.

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