Ushering in National Quilting Day (Post #1)

This is actually a re-post from July 9th, 2010. I thought it apt to post again as quilters around the country are getting ready to celebrate National Quilting Day on the 19th. So, do tell me why you quilt, dear quilters! Or if you don’t quilt, tell me why and what you appreciate about quilts!


1. For the love of fabrics

Pinksuedeshoe says, “I like quilting/sewing because it is so rewarding to take flat pieces of fabric and cut them apart and sew them back together into a beautiful new life.”

2. A creative outlet for many, and in some cases, a retreat to maintain sanity

Jane says, “First of all, I quilt to relax. Second, quilting has become my most satisfying creative outlet.”

Betsy says, “I quilt because I love to create. Also, as a middle school teacher I have a very rough job and quilting helps relax me. I quilt every morning for about 30 minutes before going to work.”

3. Honoring the tradition of quilting and fabric art, particularly within family history

Sherri says, “I think that first of all it’s because my Mom and my Grandmother encouraged me to do creative things as a young girl.”

Vickie says, “I have a quilt that my great grandmother made (Grandmothers Flower Garden) that she hand pieced and hand quilted. I also have a yo-yo quilt that my great-great grandmother hand made. I knew my great grandmother and have such fond memories of her. She was a sweet, kind and quiet person that loved her family. Every time I look at her quilt or touch it, you can feel the love that went into every piece of fabric and every stitch. I didn’t know my great-great grandmother but love owning one of her quilts. I’m the first one since these two grandmother’s to take up quilting.”

Marcia (no blog) says, “Quilting is something that the women in my family have always done and enjoy. I love to discuss quilts with my mother, each of us working on our own project in the evening.”

4. For the love of giving and making handmade gifts

Christine says, “Nothing like cuddling up in a handmade quilt knowing the hands of labor around you!”

Stitchsister says, “… people are so appreciative of a hand-made gift. It makes me feel good to make and to give them.”

Kristen says,”It just feels good to look at something that I made.”

5. For the need to connect with colors

Vicki says, “It feeds my need for color…”

6. A great way to make something heirloom

Jocelyn says, “I started quilting about 25 years ago. I wanted to make my (then) little son a quilt.”

Joanne says, “I really started quilting when I was pregnant with my first child and I wanted him to have a handmade quilt.”

7. For the love of all other quilters

Beige Club (no blog) says, “…The people are pretty nice, too!”

SewCalGal says, “I also love the world of quilting, as you can go anywhere and find a quilter to share your interests with!”

8. For the love of God, and the comfort He is

Marilyn says,”I quilt because it is my talent and I use it to bring glory to God.”

Allie says, “I love that quilts are also called comforters, and that the Holy Spirit is also our Comforter.”

9. For the love of learning and meeting a challenge head-on

Rebecca Grace says, “There is always more to learn, more challenges, and more inspiration around the corner.”

10. It is an obsession once contracted! It becomes a way of life.

Joan says, “I quilt because it’s an obsession…and a challenge. The more I do – the more I learn…the more I need to quilt.” [Ivory Spring couldn’t have agreed more!]

Michelle says, “I quilt because I must.”

I hope the comments inspired you to quilt even more if you are already a quilter. If you aren’t, perhaps you would like to jump in and join the rest of us quilt-aholics? :)


12 thoughts on “Ushering in National Quilting Day (Post #1)

  1. Quilting is like magic! I am not a magic person, just don’t have another word to use. But it is. You take a little of this fabric and a little of that and this and that…. put them together and get a beautiful quilt! It’s breathtaking!

  2. It’s creative fun, right here and now, but it is also a beautiful way to leave your mark on the world. Make enough quilts, give them to enough family and friends, and a piece of yourself will ride this planet generations longer than your body will. :D

  3. The concentration required while machine quilting has a calming effect for me. All problems and concerns are put aside while my mind is focused on the designs I’m making. Definitely a therapeutic session and no doctor bill to pay at the end…what a deal!

  4. I agree with everyone, I’ve always had something in my hands to make, it really feeds and refreshes the soul to have a needle and thread in hand.

  5. I started to create things when I was 5.5. I went to bording school and the nuns taught me to knit and sew. My Mom and grandmother alway had a craft in their hands too. I have two sisters one has passed now and I am the only one that is creative with a needle. My mother also love to paint and she loved photography I love photography too but there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I love to do. My passion is sewing and quilting. It is a daily joy and I forget about everything while I am lost in my sewing room. Better than a shrink LOL. Not sure if it is less expensive though. ;) Bunny

  6. I quilt because in my gene pool they found material and thread! No, it is who I am and generations before me on both sides of my family were quilters. Their reasons were much the same but were for practical means too. My granddaughter started quilting at age 11, we made her teacher a quilt for his retirement. And now she is 14 and well on her way with her craft and love of sewing for her family and young friends. My daughter and granddaughters have the bug and this is a blessing for me because …..”the beat goes on the beat goes on…La de da de de, la de da de da” (Sonny & Cher) It keeps us together and we share our love of the craft and God as we sit together many afternoons exchanging our thoughts and stitches over a fresh glass of lemonade from the lemons out back on our tree. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

  7. All of the above ! Though for me, one of the reasons is because there is no tradition in my family, and I would love for it to start in my generation and continue.

    • Dear Sue,
      If you ever need encouragement email me and I will be there for you. I think it is a good thing your doing for future women in your family. It has to start somewhere my friend, where better than with you. God Bless your hands Pat

  8. I love many of the things mentioned here — the colors, fabrics, patterns, creativity, and connection with history. I don’t quilt mainly because I would have serious trouble with piecing. Even with just general sewing, my seams aren’t even and often things just don’t come out right and I have to adjust. That would really show in quilting!!

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