SUMMERTIME in Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2011)

Good day, Friends! I know many of you in the Northern Hemisphere are anxious to be done with the lingering cold weather. I am too.  Nonetheless, summertime WILL be here before you know it. :)

My SUMMERTIME quilt is featured in the latest Fons & Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2011). (By the way, I am in love with that watermelon cover quilt, so cute!)I am so pleased with how the editorial staff at Fons & Porter had photographed the quilt with a piano. Many of you don’t know, but I started taking formal piano lessons when I was four, and went on taking lessons till I was 19.

Fons & Porter normally keeps published quilts for display at their headquarters for a while. So, I don’t have the quilt with me to take more pictures for you. These pictures coming up are the ones I quickly took before I shipped the quilt out to the editor months ago.

These fun fabrics are Summertime by Henry Glass! Need I tell you again… I guess I will. Threads are Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton, and Batting is Hobbs Tuscany Silk. If you haven’t tried either of those projects, you have got to! Kits are available from Fons & Porter.

That was a fun quilt to make even though I had to work with teeny tiny circles. It was also one of the quilts I made in my “black” phase, thus the black in the block.

Thanks for stopping by! Now, I want to know if you have any plans for this summer to which you are looking forward!

19 thoughts on “SUMMERTIME in Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2011)

  1. Oh my Summer!! Have not thought about summer yet. We are just approaching Spring Break for our college boy, but summer is not far behind. Can I ask if there is still a Porter with Fons??

  2. The quilts that you make are ALL so unique and so pleasant and beautiful to admire! Just found your blog last weekend . . . and have checked it daily for the wonderful tips and tidbits of information that you give! I started quilting two months ago … and have made two quilts thus far ~ I am hooked!

  3. Hi there Wendy,
    Over here (South Australia) we have just entered autumn and it is still quite hot weather so running around in shorts and Tshirts and bare feet lol, but in 63 sleeps we are off on a cruise to the Pacific Islands… Noumea, Lifou & Vila so am looking forward to this Autumn bit of magic. I will be taking some spending money for fabric, of course hehehehe


  4. I just love all your quilts Wendy, and wish I had access to all these lovely magazines – one of the penalties of being in a non English language country I guess :-)

    Some warm sunshine would be very welcome, our Spring is trying hard to win through, but it is still cooold!!…….Luv Ann J

  5. Hi Wendy, I started piano lessons at 7 and violin at 10! I majored in Music Ed, so I took lessons, well into adulthood. Wood even love to take them, now, just not enough time in a day!

    Your quilt is lovely, can’t wait to see it in Fonns and Porter!

  6. Gorgeous quilt! I love how the blcak plays with the softer colours. I’m waiting to get some cooler weather, we seem to be having an indian summer here.

  7. I got my magazine in the mail last week and haven’t had time to read it. Now that I know you have such a lovely quilt in it, I’ll check it out. Your quilt is another beauty by the way.

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