A bit of “toy” fun

Nothing invokes the inner child in me more than antique toys… If only toys could talk, I would love to interview each of these and hear about the life they have lived in pre-1900’s.

Curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite toy from your childhood, and what is a fun and traditional toy from your generation that you think Miss Baby should have a chance to play with in her lifetime. Thanks for helping me out in my toy research. Have a great day!

photos: scenes from the New Hampshire room at DAR Museum

16 thoughts on “A bit of “toy” fun

  1. I had very few toys. Little pieces of wood my father would have from his job as a carpenter turned into toys for us. We’d build things with them. I also really enjoyed playing jacks…

  2. Well, it’s a bit early; however, you may need to start searching since I was a child way back in the 70s. ;) I LOVED my Fashion Plates! They were interchangeable plates of head / torso / legs to mix-and-match and create fashion by placing them into a box, covering with paper, and rubbing with crayon. After removing the paper you could color your latest fashion creation. I spent HOURS playing and designing and coloring. Not a classic, but probably one of my most favorite toys ever. :) Happy Tuesday!

  3. Well I also love everything old, maybe it is because I am old LOL. I have a teapot that I have had 64 years I used to love tea parties when I was 5 and to this day I love to collect teapots. I think that every little girl needs to have a tea set.. Not sure what happened to all the cups that went with my teapot, but am happy I have this childhood toy.

  4. My favorite toy probbly would be my bike. Loved to ride the bicycle. Did you go to the Museum? Did you get a Baltimore Album pattern?…. Sandra

  5. What I hold near and dear to my heart isn’t actually a toy. It is a two piece cast iron bull dog door stop. It belonged to my paternal grandmother. When I was small, I fell in love with it and named him Buster. I don’t know if any of the other grandchildren new his name. When my dad was left to clean out her belongings, I immediately told him anybody could have anything, but I needed to have Buster. He stands guard on our hearth. :)

  6. My girls loved their doll cradles and rocking chairs (made by their PaPa) and now their own daughters are enjoying them! Also – paper dolls and dress-up clothes were always a favorite of mine, my daughters, and now my granddaugters.

  7. My favourite was actually a stuffed bunny. I still have it — and it’s definitely showing its age now. It was made by a friend of the family and I’ve treasured it all these years.

  8. My favourite toy was a lovely (and pretty) doll. My grandma saw lot of dress for her. I play with that doll until my teenage years, and now my daughters love this old doll aswell. (And we have had most of her dresses!)

  9. Love the toys – is that a tapestry in the background – I love doing tapestries and if it is a tapestry it is so beautiful

  10. I love the art in that first photo — at least it looks like some form of quilted art as a fireplace cover.

    I don’t have any of my own toys from childhood except I think I have a patched-up sock monkey in a trunk somewhere. But when my kids were little I loved getting the classic Fisher Price toys that my siblings and I played with. And Little Golden Books!

  11. I had a favorite stuffed animal, an elephant. Carried it around by it’s trunk! The trunk eventually fell off, and my mom put the remnants in a blue baby sock and sewed it back onto the elephant! When I got older, I loved Mr. Potato Head — the original one where you actually used a potato. Bet you can’t find that version anymore.

  12. I feel like I haven’t read any blogs for ages! So, hi, long time no see :) I love that elephant, he is so so cute! My favorite toy when I was little was a big box of paper and glue and crayons my mom had on the floor of the hall closet. She had construction paper in every color in there. And she tells me that I would wake up at sometimes 4 in the morning so that I could color and cut and glue to my hearts content. Creamie is going to be the same way. My mom gave her some little tiny scissors for her birthday and she thinks they are the greatest thing in the world. She has been really good to only cut paper, but she will sit and cut it into teeny little pieces, until they are too small for her to hold anymore. And I of course think that every child (and adult) needs a typewriter.

  13. Hi Wendy, I’ve just been catching up on blogs. I always look forward to yours and don’t delete until I can at least skim thru! Love all the quilts and thanks for sharing your applique “secret”. I will def try it out.

    Now, for the toy. My favorite was/is a stuffed rabbit. His name is Peter, of course. I believe my mom got him for me my 1st Easter. I am now 53, so he’s pretty old for a bunny.

    He went everywhere with me. I can remember my mom holding one of his arms and me the other as we walked into stores! Now, he sits on top of my jewelry box, wrapped in orange stripped fabric. (He is orange with white pin stripes.) His fabric is rotting and I don’t know how to fix him, yet. His ears no longer stand straight up, but he holds every secret I ever had!

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