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Greetings Ivory Springers! This is Melinda—back with some news and a surprise! (Which may not be much of a surprise considering the blog post title!)

Wendy has encouraged me to share with you all about some recent behind-the-scenes happenings here at Ivory Spring. Some of you may remember a comment/request that Wendy received on her Ladybug in Polka Dotville Quilt-Along post. Jean Oberkiser, a member of Cellar Sewers Quilt Club in Toledo, Ohio, inquired as to whether Wendy might donate some of her patterns to the club’s 23rd Annual Quilt Retreat to be used as door prizes.

So, we gladly sent four patterns her way! Two each of Roslynn and Bloom Wherever You Are.

And since we’ve given away those patterns in the real world, what do you all say to a giveaway here in the bloggy world? Of course, there would be a real prize though! The winner may choose between the pattern for either Roslynn or Bloom Wherever You Are.

In order to be included in the random drawing, please leave a comment that answers the following questions: What is your all-time favorite quilt pattern of Wendy’s and why? If you could use a refresher on or would like to browse through Wendy’s projects before submitting your comment, feel free to use the Categories drop-down list on the right and then select Quilt Pattern.

Feel free to submit your comments any time through Monday, March 14. We plan to announce the winner next week. Thanks in advance for joining in the fun!

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63 thoughts on “Pattern Giveaway

  1. I love the pattern Roslyn, The colors are very pretty and I love applique’. So please enter me in that drawing. Wendy is great!

  2. Meu modelo preferido entre todos os de Wendy é “Nestlings”. Adorei desde quando recebíamos pequenas partes para espiarmos. A combinação de cores, os motivos e a maneira fabulosa como ela quiltou.

    My all-time favorite quilt pattern of Wendy’s is ” Nestlings” ! I loved it since it was coming to us as sneak peeks ; the colors , design and the way Wendy did all that fabulous quilt!

  3. I love the Dancing Daffodils, so bright and chearfull. Makes me want to smile! Thank you for having a give away.

  4. It’s hard to choose, but for me Americana Florals barely eeeks out Olivia’s Marabella. I love traditional patterns, and the combination of patchwork with applique. Wendy’s quilting is the perfect “icing on the cake,” her stitching is breathtaking! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us out in web-land.

  5. I like Nestlings. I love to look of the limb with the nest and the birds all around. I also REALLY like Bloom Wherever You Are!
    blessed.mama4 at

  6. Wendy:
    One of my favorites is the HOT CHILI PEPPERS. I live in Southern Arizona and quilted this for my front door. I have had many comments on it and they always want to know where I bought it. I am a beginner and it thrills me when I can say that I quilted this.

  7. My next quilt will be the Nestling after I finish what I am doing! I really like all the quilts that you do –your designs are just fabulous.

  8. Oh, Melinda, it is such a torture to have to choose a favorite! I love ALL of Wendy’s designs. I’ve narrowed it down to “Carol of the Cardinals” and “Nestlings”. And if I must, it’ll have to be the Cardinals. Well, maybe the the “Nestlings”. Oh, shucks!

  9. Christmas In Ohio is my all time favorite quilt. I love the fabric and the quilting. I really like the way the quilting swirls around just like snow in the wind. It really suits that quilt.

  10. I really like all the quilts that you do so It’s hard to choose… I love Spring Bloom. Maybe because it the spring time and i love the pastely fresh colors and the design is gorgeous.

  11. My favorite pattern is “Fruit of the Vine”. I fell in love with the design and especially the colors and am looking forward to making one. I love grapes and this tablecloth invites you to “sit” and “enjoy”!

    I LOVE to have beautiful things in my home and especially to USE them and enjoy them and not just to look at them. I love applique and challenges. It is an honor to participate in this contest for the 2 patterns.

  12. Ooh how mean…making us choose just ONE favourite…lol… When push comes to shove, I think I would choose ‘Nestlings’. As to the giveaway pattern, they are both lovely, but first choice would be ‘Bloom wherever you are’ . Thank you for such a lovely giveaway. Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  13. Nestlings…all versions :) or perhaps combo of taller tree placement from 3 (?) and Pinwheels.
    But your quilting makes the quilt and I despair my version will fall short of dream vision in my head. Had The Quilter in my hands until I realized it was last issue.

  14. I actually dont have a favorite – I love them all!! Its a neverending pleasure to see all that Wendy does. She has taught me so much , and I do appreciate that!

  15. It is so hard to choose, because all of the quilts are wonderful, but my favorite is Nestlings. We live in an area where Bluebirds nest in the summer. I have a group of “Young Savers” from our bank coming to make Bluebird houses in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for the pattern to come out so I can make the hanging.

  16. I love Nestlings. I put little birds in my applique whenever possible! And I think a little bird in a nest is so hard to resist! I love your quilting and your patterns.

  17. My all-time favourite from your quilt patterns is Nestlings. Because of the soft and brighrt colours you used and your wonderful quilt motifs. I love the way you do your machine quilting.

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  19. My favorite quilt pattern of Wendy’s is ” Nestlings”
    It was hard to choose, because I love your quilting and your patterns.

  20. My favorite is Peppermint Parcels. I’m looking for my mag now that I see it again I want to bookmark it. Love that you can get back issues of QW as downloads. You are quite the prolific pattern maker!

  21. I have several of your patterns, but my favorite would have to be the kitty collage. It is so playful and fun. It was really hard to pick a favorite. you do such good work.. thanks for the opportunity.

  22. I love so many but my favourite is Nestlings. Beautiful fresh spring colours, stunning quilting, the cutest nestlings and the pattern is ideal for using my scraps:)

  23. I love quilts and my favourite flower is the Daffodil, so I suppose I would like to win the “Dancing Daffodils”, thanks for the chance to win it.

  24. So many beautiful quilts! I like the pattern for Twilight Trails best. It’s utilizes the colors I like and the finished project would fit my decor. Thanks.

  25. I love all of Wendy’s work she uses color like no one else I have seen. Spring Bloom is the one that I would have to pick because it is early spring and the the colors are coming back. Thanks to all involved in this giveaway have a great week.

  26. I love them all, but would have to say that the “Nestlings” is my favorite.
    Birds, birdie houses and anything Spring are what I need to get me out of the winter-mindset!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  27. ONE? Just ONE favorite? Seriously? ha HOW in the world can anyone do that? I just love so many of your quilts since finding your blog awhile back. They are all just gorgeous and for one reason or another, many are on my
    ‘favorite’ list.

    I have been sitting here going back and forth from those at the top of my list for the past hour trying to figure out which one is my all time favorite. I just can’t do it. :(
    I love ‘Lollipop Spring’ because the flowers on each end and because it’s a table runner that has something more than just squares.

    ‘Ring of Flowers’ is gorgeous because of the applique and constrast in colors on the quilt. Just gorgeous.

    ‘Nestlings’ – I’ve been in a bird phase for the past 8 months or so in my machine embroidery so that’s why I love that one so much. It’s such a Spring-y delight as well.

    And finally, I THINK (as of this very second which is subject to change as soon as I post this comment lol) at the very top of my list is ‘Bloom Wherever You Are’. I love the way each corner was designed to draw the eye to those areas but at the same time, the center draws the eye there as well. I love the balance I think in that one as well as the beautiful fabrics chosen to create that quilt.

  28. Marabela is my favorite quilt because I can just see it on my little great granddaughter’s bed. A close second would be any with the feather stitching on it. You have some really lovely nice quilts.

  29. I love Bloom Wherever You Are. The fabrics Wendy used are gorgeous, too. I love flowers and fabrics and that quilt reminds me of an English garden.

  30. I happen to love all of Wendy’s quilts and its very hard to choose just one since every one has something special in them. Please, please don’t make me choose just one. But if I had to, I do like the Nestlings as I loved everything about this one. Thanks

  31. I could I just pick one!! There are so many! The one that always spoke to me is “Pieceful Garden.” There is something simplicistic and natural about the pattern and colors that draws me in. And the nine-patch is my favorite quilt block!

  32. I just love the ladybug in Polka dotville. I just bought several colors of polka dots and wondered what I would do with them. Now I know. So cute.

  33. My favorite applique quilt is Americana Floral and my favorite pieced quilt is Sunshine in my Soul. There’s no way I could choose between them. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me! :)
    Wendy, I’d love for you to tell how you get so much done!?! I know for a fact you get the same 24 hours I do! lol

  34. I have been quilting for many years but I always attracted to any quilt that has a nine patch in it. So, Pieceful Garden is my fav.

  35. My favorite pattern is “Tea with me”, because, just like a cup of tea, it stands for all that a moment wrapped in a quilt is to me: warm, cozy, out of the hustle & bustle of our everyday life…
    Thanks for the chance to win one of these impressive patterns!

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