Ring of Flowers in THE QUILTER (April/May 2011)

Happy Monday, Everyone!  Today I am showing you my Ring of Flowers quilt in the April/May 2011 issue of The Quilter.  From these scraps of fabrics pieced together (a couple of months ago)…

… to this completed quilt:

The sweet fabrics you see in the quilt are from RJR‘s A is for Annabelle fabric line.  The pastel blue and pink, mixed in with the blue toile, made a great combination for something soft and sweet.  This line of fabric has imagery from Tasha Tudor’s A is for Annabelle book.

Quilting was done using Aurifil Mako 5o Cotton thread over Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting.  Kits for this 38″ x 38″ quilt are available from Quakertown Quilts.

A couple of close-ups:

This quilt is the perfect size as Miss Baby’s “boo” quilt!  She loves to drape it over her head and just walk haphazardly to wherever she wants to go.  So, it is staying downstairs where she can play and have fun with it.

From trolling different quilty blogs, there seems to be two schools of thought on the treatment of quilts.  Some think that quilts are made to be used, and some think that quilts are made to be admired only.  I think there’s definitely a place for each category.   I tend to embrace both thoughts… I definitely have certainly quilts that I made that are preferably only for the eyes only.  There are also those that I have made that I let and encourage Miss Baby handle and use, just as I let her use some of my china pieces.  I figure, I’d rather capture the moments we enjoy certain beautiful hings than have the nice things all out of reach and never be able to enjoy them.  What are your thoughts?

p.s.  I also have two free patterns for download made with the same fabrics.  Check out my freebies section on the sidebar to access those patterns.

19 thoughts on “Ring of Flowers in THE QUILTER (April/May 2011)

  1. Wendy: Always love your fabulous quilts. Miss Baby’s Boo Quilt –in the applique’ what kind of stitch did you use around the edges? Love it–just so neat1

  2. I like the way they pictured the quilt in the magazine on that trunk. I think there’s room for both. I also think you should enjoy your nice things and not store them away forever…

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the way you have quilted around the ring of flowers. I would never have thought of that. Can’t wait to get the magazine and read your article. As for quilts, I definitely think they should be used! I love a quilt table topper. Brightens up my dark dining room.

  4. I certainly do believe that one should enjoy and use all her possessions. You’ve heard the expression, “You can’t take it with you.” This is so true. And how do you know if anyone else will ever treasure or appreciate your belongings as much as you do? ENJOY! Off my soap-box. Your little pink teddy is so cute and so is the quilt. And it is quite evident from your pictures that you do enjoy your beautiful China pieces.

  5. Now how cute is that. Love the softness of the background and the applique just adds more beauty to the entire piece. Love it and love those cookies too. Miss Baby is a lucky girl. The most important thing you can do for our children is to create wonderful memories for them. I know because they sure remember some of the bad ones LOL. Please send me your address I have something for Miss Baby. ;)

  6. What lovely, soft colours!

    I definitely fall on the ‘user’ side of the equation. It’s why I don’t do a lot of “needlework” – how many pillows and framed pictures does a person need? I sew and smock and quilt so that what I make can be used and worn. It’s nice when it’s admired and I make my projects to last but in the end, who wants to sew in a bubble?

  7. This is a beautiful quilt. I love the way you show off the fabric with the applique around it- a great technique.
    I love to use quilts. Sometimes my use of them may be to hang them on the wall. I love beautiful items to be seen and not packed away. Most of my quilts are out to be seen and then used once in a while (if theyare not a regular user quilt)/

  8. Another lovely quilt. I feel the same as you..most quilts are made to be used..and some just hanging on a wall being admired.
    I also believe children should be taught from a young age how to handle china and other fine things..you start out with some that aren’t going to be missed if accidentely broken. They soon learn how to treat things gently.

  9. I love the big quilt but especially love the Miss Baby Boo quilt. I have some quilts that I hang on the wall for display but most of my quilts I use as throws or as table cloths on my dining and kitchen tables. I make mostly throws so they are everywhere I can find a spot. There is even a stack neatly folded on the hearth of the fireplace. I love using and looking at them and hate to see them hidden away in a box.

  10. So, so gorgeous – and so glad Miss Baby gets to enjoy it too! I myself make both, quilts to hug with my arms and quilts to hug with my eyes. Both have a place. And I think you’re right in letting her handle your good china, how else will she learn to appreciate fine things, and to be careful of them.

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