Flowers Around the Bend: Final Sneak Peeks

Good morning, Friends! I am sorry for the silence on Monday. I received emails asking if I was alright… answer is yes. Thanks so much for asking – so sweet of you. The story is I have been without much sleep at all last week because of my Flowers Around the Bend quilt. I put in a couple of all nighters, and finally got it done. So, you can see that at least for me, the life of a published quilter is in no way glamorous, hehe.  In fact, my life as a work at home Mom is a lot like my life when I was in college!

I had planned to get up early (like 3am) on Monday morning to work on the paperwork stuff for Flowers Around the Bend, and squeeze in a new post for Monday before heading for a family outing. Alas, I overslept and accomplished none of the aforementioned goals. So…. that’s why you didn’t see a new post on Monday.

Sometimes, I keep a couple of prepared posts to account for situations I just described. But yours truly haven’t really gotten her life together lately… I am behind on so many things on which I desperately need to catch up. All I can say and apologize for is a woman’s work is never done! :)

Hope you enjoyed the quilted sneak peeks of my Flowers Around the Bend quilt. In case you want to get these fabrics, they are from RJR‘s Moonflower by Thimbleberries. If all things go well, you should see it in a quilt magazine in the near future. Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day. I look forward to visiting with you on your blogs and catching up with you.

p.s. Previews alert!!! I just received a WHOLE bunch of quilts back…. will be showing those to you starting this week.

18 thoughts on “Flowers Around the Bend: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. Just back from our cruise we had a wonderful time. I see you don’t let dust collect under your feet or feed dogs. LOL. I love this new quilt the fabrics are so yummy. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt. Hugs Bunny still have sea legs LOL

  2. Hi Wendy, your quilt looks so romantic & dreamy maybe for a sun porch or something to snuggle with your loved one on a chilly night. I can’t wait to see all of your other ones. If we can help you out with anything to CATCH up just let us know.

  3. The quilt is darling. Love the colors and the fabrics. Don’t worry about not getting things all done when you want them done. I have had to learn to slow down and be patient with myself, believe me it isn’t easy to do!

  4. You shouldn’t feel a bit guilty about not posting to your blog! You have a life; you have work; you have a family; you have God. Those are all more important than us! Your work is gorgeous, Wendy, and I admire your dedication… staying up all night. Goodness! Quilting is supposed to be a fun hobby, not quite so much work. Please ease up on yourself. You’re wonderful as you are!

  5. I love those colors and blocks!

    I’m glad all is well, but don’t ever feel guilty about not posting on your blog. Other things in life are higher priorities, and much as we love hearing from you, none of us can do it all — at least not every day. :-) I hope you can catch up on sleep some time soon. I know we all need different amounts, but it’s not healthy to go without enough sleep too many days.

  6. Your quilt is very beautiful. Your designs always combine with the fabrics so beautifully. I have to tell you I’m in awe of all you do. I wish I had your energy!

  7. You do wonders with fabric and machine! I can’t wait to see this one in a magazine–you’re teasing us with just partial peeks! What I see, I love!

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