Random post on snicker doodles and quilts…

We are snicker doodle fans at the Ivory Spring household, including Miss Baby. Yesterday I decided to have a snicker doodle baking session with Miss Baby (her first).

I had meant our little cookie baking session to be a warm and fuzzy bonding time. Well it became a time of crisis and distress for Miss Baby very quickly because she simply couldn’t understand why she couldn’t keep chomping on those freshly baked cookies. When she couldn’t eat all the cookies her little “two year old heart” desired, she proceeded to park herself right next to the oven for the rest of the baking session. Sadly, no extra cookies ever came her way.

I like to use my quilts as table coverings. Rosslyn (shown in pictures above) is probably my favorite quilt for that purpose.

Curios mind wants to know:

1. What other creative ways you have used your quilts, or

2. If you aren’t sitting on stacks of quilts, how have you creatively cover a table using something other than the usual table covering trappings?

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and comments. I know many of you are having record snowfall – do stay warm and safe!

18 thoughts on “Random post on snicker doodles and quilts…

  1. Oh, the heart and reasoning of a (special) 2 year old!
    I do love your Rosslyn quilt, you’ve used one of my all time favorite prints in it, the one that looks like carnations.

  2. My neighbor brought me some snickerdoodles about 30 minutes ago. And man, I forgot how good they are! I dont’ have any extra quilts at the moment, but I use vintage sheets for tablecloths all the time. They are just too pretty not to use!

  3. I am with Miss Baby I want them all. LOL. I remember those T…. two’s the first of independence. There are several to go through LOL. Enjoy every minute of them they do not last long. I love to hang quilts on the wall and enjoy them.

  4. Ha! I just bought a bag of snicker doodles…I bet your homemade ones are a lot better!!
    Poor Miss Baby…didn’t know what her stomach would feel like if she ate all of them!!

  5. Ah, you have my favourite china – Lady Carlyle! Isn’t it beautiful? I was given a lovely dish recently for a BIG O birthday – I was thrilled! The blue china is rather lovely too – could you please tell me what pattern that is?

    Table decoration – for my daughter’s birthday parties when she was little we always had a theme, such as unicorns one year. I found some material with unicorns on it and ran a swathe of it down the middle of the table with a toy unicorn sitting in the middle and lots of sparkly stars and hearts scattered over the table and balloons weighted down in pots, with matching coloured streamers. Afterwards, the material can be used for other uses!

  6. Poor Miss Baby — it’s hard learning you can’t have everything you want and not everything you want is good for you — but better learned early, though it has to be relearned all through life.

    I don’t actually have any quilts, but I think I’d be too afraid they’d get spilled on to use them as a table covering — unless it was just decoratively, with no food. I haven’t found a pink oval tablecloth, but I found a square one, so for Valentine’s or other special occasions I lay the square one diagonally over the ivory oval one and then alternate the pink and ivory napkins. that’s the only out of the ordinary thing I’ve done — except when the boys were little and we’d toss a sheet over the table for a hideout of some sort underneath. :-)

  7. Oh snickerdoodles! Haven’t made those for a long time! I’ll have to introduce my grandies to them.

    Quilts at my house are on a bed, in a stack, or hanging from an antique ladder. I took down all the ones I’d had on walls… it was looking too cluttered for my taste. Tables are round, quilts are rectangles, so I can’t do that either. Boring, for sure.

  8. Gotta love those 2yo tempers – at least until the 3yo ones come along! Love the quilt on your table. I don’t use mine on tables – I have a collection of vintage tablecloths that I like to use.

  9. Lovely colours those on Rosslyn’s quilt! After such a long waiting outside the oven, Miss Baby derved some more cookies: did you bake them? Those cookies, by the way, look tasteful”””

  10. Warm cookies? I think Miss Baby is hooked! When she grows up and bakes all by herself I’ll bet she’ll make them 5 inches across!

    I’m too messy to put quilts on the table. I’ve made a picnic quilt; that’s the only one that gets eaten on and sat on while watching fireworks.

    Your quit, your dishes, your cookies… to die for!

  11. Oh, snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies. I can just picture Miss baby wanting more and more cookies. Love the quilt and your dishes, but I don’t use quilts on the table. The Mr. would spill something on it that wouldn’t come out.

  12. Quilts in my house are on the tables as tablecloths, draped over furniture and stacked in a basket, hanging out of a trunk and on a old ladder that I have painted and propped against the wall. I also have a stack of them sitting on the hearth. Oh and I would love to have a cookie please!!

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