Scrabbles Night: Sneak Peek #2

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.    I want to thank you for your kind wishes on my injured wrist.  I think it’s on the mend.  I was able to work more on my Scrabbles Night quilt… here is another sneak peek.  Notice the words are quilt-related! :)

I have three questions for my quilting friends:

1.  Are you a scraps keeper?  If so, how do you store your scraps?

2.  How is your fabric stashing looking – ever growing or dwindling?

3.  What is your favorite quilt block(s)?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a stupendous week!

25 thoughts on “Scrabbles Night: Sneak Peek #2

  1. What a fun quilt this is!! Love it!
    I keep scraps in small containers. I keep saying I’ll organize them better, but never quite seem to do so.
    Just one favourite quilt block? Yikes! Alabama Beauty, Farmer’s Delight, Improved 9-Patch, Clamshell Pickles — the list is endless!!

  2. The quilt looks great!
    I keep my scraps, all stuffed in a draw! Oh and in a couple of shoe boxes!
    My favourite block is the Nosegay block, I have made 3 this year all in very different colourways!

  3. What a lovely idea and a beautiful quilt too; I wish I had a more imaginative brain to come up with this sort of idea; congratulations.

    I’m just about to start the quiting on a New York Beauty quilt I have made, but once again I have simply gone for a standard pattern.

    Thanks to you of your wonderful people out there who inspire me to try harder.

    Kind best wishes
    Romsey, Hampshire UK

  4. This quilt is so interesting!!! It looks like a REAL board! Can you make one of cosmetics-related-words too? :) So interesting!

    To answer Question 1:
    I keep practically EVERYTHING in EVERYWHERE, i.e. shoebox, containers, plastic bags, drawers, little jewelry boxes, etc.. etc… my “scraps” happened to turn “busuk”… :P

  5. This is going to be such a unique and fun quilt. And yes, I can only throw away fabric if it is totally useless so my scraps overflow everywhere–like Lisa’s. The useless bits even go to a lady in my guild who makes pet beds for the animal shelter.

  6. I store my scraps in a huge basket. If I have time to cut into them to lowere the scraps then I store the cut pieces in plastic boxes or tins.

    My stash is ever growing….

    My favorite block would be the basket.

  7. Wow what a fun quilt. Looks great so far. To me Scraps are like the loaves and fishes they seem to multiply the more you use them up. LOL. I have lots of strips, have some arranged in plastic boxes and some small squares in other containters.. I have a large bin that I throw other pieces in. I did however take that bin and filled a large garbage bag full and gave it to the Guild. That was a great feeling. My favourite block is the New York Beauty.

  8. I love your quilt. The possibilities are endless. I would love to make one for my hubby with words that would relate to him (all good ones of course!)
    I keep my scraps in a clean empty kitty litter bucket. When one fills up I put the lid on and start another one. Someday I will organize the and make a charity scrap quilt.
    My stash is growing but I try to only buy fabrics for the current project that I am working on and if I get the urge to buy I pick up a few fat quarters.
    My favorite quilt block is drunkards path. I have never made it but I like the curves and its virsitility.

  9. are the letters and numbers iron-ons, go cutter, or something that you made on your own and can you machine wash it? I am looking for letters that are easy to use and washable and I am not sure if there is a product out there.

  10. I love scrabble. Some say I might love scraps, for my scrap tub is overflowing. I have a couple plastic tubs full of scraps. My stash is separated by Civil War tub 30’s tub then misc. It is hard to throw scraps away. I do applique work and you never know when you might need a little piece.

  11. I hope your wrist is getting back to 100% Wendy…it’s no fun to hurt. LOVE the scrabble quilt, how fun is that! I just started keeping my scraps, to do fabric collages with…they’re overflowing a big bag hanging on the doorknob, not sure where to put them, lol. My fabric stash is dwindling. *sob* My favorite block is any by Gwen Marston, love the liberated quilting!

  12. Love that quilt. About those scraps – I have a tote full. i tried to organize by color, then started on a project and everything got unorganized…so now they are just in a heap in the tote. I’d sure like a better idea of how to do this.

  13. I don’t know how you get so many wonderful things done. I am just in awwww of you.

    I also love…love the great scrabble fabric…do you know if it is still available?

    keep up the great work…you are so inspiring !!!!!

  14. My scraps end up in plastic bins in my basement.

    Wendy, are you publishing this pattern? Would you let me know how much fabric I need to buy to make this? And, if published, where I can get the pattern? Thanks!

  15. I’m loving the Scrabble! I do keep scraps. I keep 1-1/2″ and 2″ strips, 2″ and 3″ squares. And, I keep a “bricks” scraps” box which is 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ rectangles of colorful fabrics and 1-1/2″ strips of black and white to make a Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt. I also keep a box of selvedges and strings. I keep all of these in different sterilite boxes. I try to cut up my scraps into these useable pieces as soon as I’ve finished a project. That way I don’t have a big mess! I do have one box full of scraps from before I used this system and I’m slowing going through it and cutting it all to my sizes. The stash, growing, definitely growing O:) As far as my favorite quilt block, there are too many to choose! I hope you are 100% soon!!

  16. What a clever quilt, can’t wait to see it finished! And I love Scrabble :-) I don’t keep scraps. Or try not to. Oh, wait. That garbage bag full of scraps under the cutting table? I can explain. It was scraps and pieces I was going to toss. But then I started an applique project and found myself rummaging thru. So kept it. So that leads to the second question. I try to get rid of, and not replace, fabric. Except they keep coming out with prettier patterns and yummier colors. So I have to get me some. Yum. But I keep making quilts, so I guess it balances out. Not keeping track, tho. Fave block? Any star!

  17. Ooh, you read my mind — I was stash-building online during the Superbowl last night!

    1. YES, I keep my scraps. They are in a giant Rubbermaid bucket. I always try to incorporate at least one scrap from a previous project into every quilt. Everything’s connected to everything else.

    2. Stash is growing…

    3. Favorite quilt block is Drunkard’s Path (haven’t attempted it yet, though!).

    I can’t wait to see how you quilt this Scrabble quilt, by the way… Wood grain???

  18. I am constantly trying to get rid of some fabric but end up just buying more to fill the space. I keep my scraps in a plastic container, my fat quarters in another and so on. I tend to like all the quilt blocks and have no favorites. I seem to like more contempary style more. Love your Scrabble quilt.

  19. 1. Yes I keep all my scraps – strips in one basket, little bits for foundation piecing in shoeboxes, and bigger bits in those clear plastic boxes.
    2. Stash is growing and scraps are growing even though I am currently making two scrap quilts!
    3. Favourite block is Dresden Plate, one of the first blocks I learnt to make.

    Love your scrabble quilt – how ingenious!

  20. Your quilts are lovely. Congrats on the cover.

    Yes, I keep scraps in a bucket. Once it is full, I share with friends and what is left goes to my quilt guild. So THAT stash is growing, till it’s gone, then another starts to bloom!

    Picking a favorite block is like picking a favorite color. They are all wonderful. If I have to choose, then New York Beauty. Haven’t completed one yet.

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