Pat’s complete ladybug quilts

A couple of months ago, I highlighted Pat on one of my posts.  Pat is a special quilter because she quilts for charity causes.  Many of her quilts have been given to comfort children in need.  Pat completed two Ladybug in Polka Dotville (pattern available for free on this blog, and kits are available from Fat Quarter Shop) quilts before Christmas, and had sent me the following pictures.

Quilt #1:

Quilt #2:

At the time of Pat’s email to me right before Christmas, one of the quilts had already gone to a three year old little girl.  Her father also received a Quilts of Valor quilt due to injury in the war.

I am so touched to see quilters taking the initiative to bless others with their talents.  I maintain that quilters are some of the sweetest people!  Perhaps  we can encourage the quilters we know in our life with a sweet note of encouragement this week, and let them know they are appreciated.

Curious mind wants to know:

1.  if you plan to make a quilt (or two) this year for charity causes

2.  if you know of other charity venues to which quilters can donate their quilts.  Feel free to share about your experiences!

14 thoughts on “Pat’s complete ladybug quilts

  1. Those are just gorgeous!!! I would love to make quilts for police and fire men to keep in their vehicles – I’d heard of a charity that did this, so when kids were removed from their homes [either due to police action or a house fire] they could be wrapped up immediately in their own quilt. And of course, for children in the hospital.

  2. I would love to make a few quilts for kids. The ladies at church camp this past summer helped make and tie quilts for a local place to pass out. We made 20+ quilts in 5 days. We are thinking of doing it again this summer.

    Those are lovely quilts!

  3. Adorable quilt. Our Guild makes cuddle quilts, each member makes one. They give us the quilt kit all cut and we make it up. Some gals do the cutting and lots of us donate fabric. It is a wonderful thing to know that everyone helps one way or another.

  4. Hi! Thanks for asking about quilts made for donations. I teach free beginner quiltmaking lessons and in exchange, ask students to donate their quilt to a mission. It’s called “Stitchin’ Mission.” I’ve led 24 series of lessons, taught more than 600 students, with more than 1,000 quilts donated to places all around the world. I also make and donate quilts myself, and in January I’ve made four quilts to give away. To learn more about it, visit: and

  5. Hi Just recently I have donated two quilts to our local hospice and are going to make some more. Every year I choose a charity to donate quilts to. Last year it was our local childrens hospital and neonatal ward.

  6. Pat is wonderful and the quilts look so appealing. My group makes quilts for children in the hospital for when they are going through cancer treatment. I donated one for the bush fire survivors last year as well.

  7. I make 3-4 quilts each year for charity. Our guild here in Greenville, SC gives quilts to Habitat for Humanity. Each family member gets a quilt when they move into their new home. I donate quilts to ALS, and to Jenny’s Rainbow in NJ for patients undergoing cancer treatments. Along the way during the year, someone will tell me of a special situation and I feel the tug to provide a quilt. That is what keeps me stitching—-to give to others.

  8. I would like to pass the word on the wonderful charity work that Carin from Margaret’s hope chest is doing.

    I will be making a birhtday quilt for a little boy who’s father is in jail and has requested this gift for him thru wrapped in hope charity which might be the only gift he will received from his Dad.
    If you have a chance please check Carin’s website for more information and the list for the name of the birhtday children who need to be wrapped in hope for 2011.
    Thank you
    Have happy sewing day

  9. We have a group called “Comforter” in my guild. They make kits for guild members to sew and turn in. Then a kit is made to either tie or quilt the top, then someone takes it to bind. The fabric for these quilts is donated by guild members. The quilts go to local charities. We also have a “birthday” quilt. Guild members donate a quilt or top during his/her birthday month. We have 2 “Charity Quilt Days”. One is coming up and I will be in town with no other plans, so I will finally get to go to one! Then, at our December meeting everyone ties quilts. I think our goal was 800 last year and I believe we met it.

  10. Hi Wendy! I try to make a couple of charity quilts each year. I’ve done a few for Quilts of Valor. I’d love to do some Linus quilts this year. My guild is doing some charity pillows cases and I’d love to do some of those too! They are also thinking about doing something for a service dog training organization. I love that idea – and I have some dog fabric to make something with!

  11. Hi Wendy, Pat’s quilt is adorable, of course your pattern helped quite a lot too. In our guild we are required to make at least 2 premie baby quilts for our local hospital. We usually end up making more and then also make quilts for a Domestic Violence shelter.

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