Featured on WeAllSew.com

I am a bit chagrined to admit that even though I am a Bernina girl, I hadn’t known about We All Sew (a sewing site sponsored by Bernina).

I was happy to receive in my inbox an email notifying me that Ivory Spring was going to be featured on the site!

Can you see me?  It’s in the Favorite Blogs section:

I have had lots of fun just poking around We All Sew this week.  Lots of neat sewing/quilting information.  Check out their free stuff section – great great links!

Things will start picking up for me.  I did a little bit of sewing last night because I have an impending deadline to meet.  I also receive more fabrics.  Come back for pictures!  Till next time.  Have a blessed day.

19 thoughts on “Featured on WeAllSew.com

  1. Congrats, Wendy. Soon, if not already, the whole world will know how talented you are. Isn’t that something? I’m a Husky gal and I get a lot of info on their website; but my curiosity leads me to other sites too.

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