My day planner saga

I have gone through this every year since I was 15, I could never find a day planner that organizes every aspect of my life. This year is no exception.  After searching and searching, I ended up with a leather bound “as basic as they come” day planner:

Curious mind wants to know these: do you have the same problem? What do you like most about your day planner if you keep one? What are some dream features you would like to see in your dream day planner? I know… some of you probably organize your life electronically, but I am one of those old-fashioned hold-outs. ;)  I still love the feel of actual paper!

25 thoughts on “My day planner saga

  1. Wendy, mine is the basic of the basic. I carry a small one with me at all times. If I lose it, I will have to sit still for a very long time, as I won’t know where I’m suppose to be or what I should be doing. Right now, I have the one for this year in my purse plus the last two years–just in case I need to look up when such and such a meeting was. Scary!!!!!

  2. If the internet dies so will I. I am totally on Google calendar. I have 4 different calendars simply to have different kinds of things color coded and I also use the Task list. I love it!

  3. Wendy: I am a hands on person —- I do use the internet but not for a calendar. I search and search each year until I try to find one that I can be satisfied with, but it must have big enough blocks for each day to list all that I have to do this day as well as what appointments to keep. The older I get the pickier I am.

  4. I’m with Billie on this one. The circumstances of my life with work and family used to plan for me. Now most of the time I simply don’t plan, I just do. I know this doesn’t work for most people, but most of the time things work out fine for me. That being said I’m hoping to plan a little better for Christmas next year, I was just too tired this year and want to enjoy the season rested next year!

  5. I don’t have a day planner — pretty much our only organizational tool is a big family calendar where we put everything going on in everyone’s lives. Other than that sometimes I keep a running list on a notepad on my desk of things that need to be done.

  6. I use the Franklin Covey 2 page per day planner. I am an IT consultant and have all of the electronic bells and whistles imaginable, but last year I switched my calendar completely manual. I think it grounds me. Also, it is a lot easier when scheduling appointments to have the whole year and next year available in one spot. With a husband, work and two children, I use it in every aspect!

  7. Love the new header! And I’m with you, I want it all on paper so I know it’s not lost. Besides, I like writing the important things down in loopy handwriting and with a pink pen. I remember when I got through with my B.A., and I was so excited to switch to a yearly planner instead of an academic August-August planner. But these days I just buy blank notebooks and fill them up with all sorts of things, notes, ideas, reminders. And then we have a big family calendar inside the pantry to help the both of us stay on the same page. But I LOVE having paper to make all my lists!

  8. My day planner is on my iPhone, yes it has spell-check haha! I do make handmade books. Does that count?
    Love the new header. It’s nice to have a change, but I when I got here today I wasn’t it was your blog! Love that flying feather – Hugs Natima

  9. I think that is gorgeous, Wendy.

    I wish I could say I have a planner, but I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of my-pants type of girl. Your planner, though, is lovely. I’m crazy about leather as it looks so important and substantial, and I think that is perfect for this new year for you!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Day planner? Organize? Who, me? LOL! Well, this year, Jenny sent me a calendar diary, and I love it. It has several lines for each day of the year. Pages for notes, addresses, a calendar, conversion chart, it’s just awesome. I think it will come in very handy!

  11. I’m the same way Wendy – I love the feel of paper. I tried electronic planners, but always end up using planners or notepad or whatever PAPER around :).

    BTW love the new header.

  12. We have a yearly only calender with month by month squares – for appointments and important days…My DH has one the same as mine and fortunately his is alwasy up to date and of course I cant find mine… and its alwasy on the counter in the kitchen,. We get this in a two yearly calender so its good for this time of the year. Another one will be needed for yer 2012 and 13 :)

  13. Well, I start off with good intentions and buy a diary every year, but I very rarely get past January and it falls by the way side…so I use yearly only calenders with month by month squares that I write everything on…or a small note with a magnet on the fridge that I see it every time I go to the fridge!

  14. For years my husband and I each used the Franklin Covey Daily Planners. We loved them, but they are very minute detailed. If you don’t need that type, then what you bought is probably the best! I’ve used about every kind. This year it is just a large wall calendar, as I am only recording appointments I am expected to keep, and those are not to many…mainly babysitting for grands!

  15. Hi Wendy, my day planner starts with a coffee, then what project I am in the mood to do….. if I do something not in the mood…. it just won’t work…lol…!!! :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  16. Funny, you should ask. I have the same issue. I do like the one I use, it is from a title company that I do business with, it’s free and it has a column for every day.

    I am a musician, so my nights go past 7, so. I also need to keep track of my mileage and would be nice if there was a place to do that on the “day”

    I like the ability to “write” in a paper planner as opposed to electronic, though I must say, my Outlook is pretty awesome!

    Thanks again, for your wonderful blog! Mary

  17. Oh my I do not plan my days because I never know what is going to happen. I do however make goals for myself always in my head don’t write it down. I know I would never look at it LOL. I love to start a project and make a goal to finish it at a certain time. I am in the midst of making outfits for our cruise and that is my goal for this week, to finish what I started. Hugs Bunny

  18. Oh yes…I have to have paper and I have to be able to cross off things I accomplish. I typically use a calendar that is the whole month at a glance and do weekly lists on a steno pad.
    Thinking about all your busyness right now Wendy!

  19. Life is so simple now that I only have an 18-month pocket calendar. If I need a reminder, I set an alarm on my cell phone. For birthdays, anniversaries, etc., I rely on Birthday Alarm to remind me via internet. However, before retirement, I had a very complicated, ever-changing on daily basis schedule and relied on several methods of maintaining sanity. The Day-Timer worked best for me for my personal planner. …if it ever exists anymore.

  20. I love paper, too…I used to use the Franklin Planner when life was more hectic, but the last 7 or 8 years I’ve used a Mary Englebreit booklet calendar. This year I’m using a Kate Spain planner…would love to know what you decide!

  21. I use the Palm Desktop as a day planner. I synchronize it with the palm I carry with me. It works well for me. I found that I was far less coordinated with a paper calendar/planner.

    They come in 3 sizes, are organized to see a week at a time w/ sections to track, daily, weekly + “extra” activities. If you use the planner as it was designed, you can’t drop the ball on anything + you get 3 years of calander 3 dif. ways & phone contacts & it’s not bulky. Amazing product!!

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