2010 in Review #3

This week I packed up a going-to-be heirloom Bible signed by the lady after whom we named Miss Baby’s middle name, shortly before the lady’s passing:

In my little corner of the world, 2010 meant the home-going of a most loving and influential friend in my life. I am glad we have that Bible on hand to pass along to Miss Baby when she comes of age. Heirloom items, regardless of price and value, are tangible things that connect one generation to another. It will be special for us one day to be able to tell about our friend when we present the Bible to Miss Baby.

14 thoughts on “2010 in Review #3

  1. How special to have the words written by such a dear friend. Although your Baby will never know her, she has influenced your life which will be passed down to your Baby. The older woman passing the baton on to you. Carry the sweet memories in your heart and share them with your daughter.

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