Children’s Corner Smocked Carol Apron Dress

I stayed up till 2:30am last Sunday morning finishing up Miss Baby’s Carol apron dress. It was warm enough on Sunday that we were able to debut the dress, paired with a red sweater, at church.

I am telling you… sewing just does not come naturally to me. I become best buds with the seam ripper whenever I try to put together a garment. But I guess the result is worth it. I am most proud of my piped collars and sleeves – I did that all by myself.

The darling thing about this dress is the little belt on the back of the dress. I sewed an apple button to match the fabric. Fabric is Kawaii Japanese fabric. Kawaii makes the cutest print fabrics for kids.

The dress can be worn by itself. Annelle and I decided it would also look cute with a pair of Lettie pants.

These are the feet I used to construct the dress. My friends at my local Bernina dealership would be so proud of me for using all those feet!

Even though garment sewing and I are almost like oil and water, and we tolerate each other when we have to, I do love the idea of sewing for Miss Baby. I always take the opportunity to pray and think extra thoughts of Miss Baby when I work on projects for her. It’s the thought of covering her with love that makes me persevere and take out those stitches with a smile and try again.

35 thoughts on “Children’s Corner Smocked Carol Apron Dress

  1. I agree with you. It doesn’t come natural with me also,and I have to use the seam ripper a lot, but I have taken up smocking and that dress looks perfect. I may have to try it myself. You did a great job.

  2. You can be very proud of the dress, the piping and the sewing are superbly done. It’s very satisfying seeing the little ones dressed in something made with such thought.

  3. Oh Wendy, I bet Miss Baby looks so adorable in her beautiful dress! It’s splendid! Good for you for using all those feet. I’m not sure I’d know what to use each one for.

  4. It so pretty, and I thought you were smocking! I loved to sew Lydia’s dresses as a child. Prayer sewn into the seams is a blessing to the wee one, and you did a splendid job on all the special touches (like that sweet piping in the sleeve-!).

  5. The fabric is so so cute! Lovely job on the dress. No one would ever know you and the seam ripper were best bud’s. My mom used to make all of our clothes when we were little and I love it when I see a photo of us in something she made. you will get better at it as time goes on and have less seam ripper rewards.

  6. Oh Wendy….oh Wendy….this is too darling for words!!! It sure doesn’t LOOK like you have any trouble garment sewing, this is a dream dress! The piping is inspired. Just precious!

  7. darling little dress and pants. that piping is beautiful. everything you do is so well done!! i can relate to the seam ripper thing…just spent an hour or more picking out stuff on a couple skirts for my little twin girlie girls, but glad i did it to make them look better. have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. The dress is adorable! Sewing is not my strong suit either, but I wouldn’t even begin to attempt anything as challenging as you are doing. It’s nice that you’re getting to work on your own projects. I bet Miss Baby was the best dressed little one at church. :-)

  9. Lovely. Your sweet attitude toward life and the things you do (reverse sewing) to make things for your cherished one, it all just makes me happy. Your devotion to doing things beautifully strikes a chord that vibrates through my own work also. Best of All to You.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    The dress is absolutely adorable, your patience has paid off with this dress. I too know all about the seam ripper or as we call it the quick un pick lol.
    Merry Xmas
    (South Australia)

  11. Sewing does not come natural? You could’ve fooled me, Wendy! The dress is adorable!!! BTW, have you ever heard of anyone owning a worn out seam ripper? That’s me!

    Happy Holidays!
    Hugs from ellen.

  12. I noticed the piping immediately — it makes the dress. Beautiful! I’d never guess you struggle with garment sewing, because everything you make for Miss Baby looks so exquisitely well-made. Where do you get these Kawaii fabrics? They are darling!

    Merry Christmas, by the way!

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