2010 in Review #2

It’s been a joy to see much growth and progress in Miss Baby in 2010.  Almost overnight, she went from a helpless babe to a little girl who thinks she is all independent.  Seems to me it was yesterday I put these infant shoes on her… and not too long later had to put them up because they were outgrown:

And now, Miss Priss is wearing the classic black patent leather Mary Janes with itty bitty heels!!!

What’s next?

p.s.  You have been so gracious this past year listening to the musings of this first-time Mom!  I want to thank you for that.

23 thoughts on “2010 in Review #2

  1. Hi Wendy! Well, it seems whenever I am in to check mail there is a new post from you. :-) What’s next you ask? My DD, almost 25 (where DOES the time go?), insisted on a purse AND jewelry. And in her purse was “lip-stitch” and tissues. I made many of her purses with a matching tissue cover and her Grandma supplied her with many more plus necklaces and bracelets… her size, of course, and age appropriate. I still have many of the nicer pieces her Dad got for her when he traveled during her young years. And she learned the difference between the Sunday jewelry and the play jewelry early on.

    I love those darling little shoes! And the little feet in them are precious. We blink, and they grow up soooo fast. Savor the moments.

    Christmas Blessings,

  2. Seems like centuries ago when my children were that small. In fact, my oldest daughter celebrated her 32nd birthday this past week. Enjoy these moments as they grow up so quickly.

  3. Enjoy these years before she’s a teen, lol – it’s been fun listening to your musings, takes me right back! I wish I had the internet when I was a new mum.

  4. Oh that is too too cute. Love those little shoes. Soon it will be high heels. Enjoy every minute it goes very very fast. I love to hear about her she is adorable.

  5. Your posts bring back such warm and happy memories for me. My baby girl turned 30 on Thanksgiving. I wish I could remember more. The days passed too quickly.
    Have a blessed Christmas with your family.

  6. What fun to read about your little Miss and her shoes.
    When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was my black patent leather shoes, just seeing hers brings back such sweet memories. Thank sfor sharing her growing up with us.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. My advise is don’t think about what’s next, just enjoy today. Before you know it they leave home and phone calls become your main source of contact! All my kids, spouses, and grandson will be home for Christmas. I can’t wait!

    Babies’ shoes are so lovely, she is a very luck little girl to have you for a Mom!

  8. So cute…enjoy the moment, they grow way to quick.
    Being a first time Mum is so long ago for me…my little girl is 47..hated wearing dresses and pretty shoes, now she is going through the same with her baby girl!
    I’m looking forward to catching up with my lot for Christmas..
    Julia ♥

  9. You are blessed. Love your comments regarding Miss Baby. Your photos could write a book without any words. Don’t stop telling us about Miss Baby.

  10. It’s been lovely to hear about miss baby’s little adventures in learning and growing. Nice for you to look back and read it too. Thos shoes are so cute.

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