Giveaway: Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting – please scroll down for the latest posts!

You know I have loved quilting my quilts using the Tuscany Silk Batting by Hobbs Bonded Fibers. Now, I want you to have a chance to try it if you haven’t used this batting before. I am giving away a throw size (60″ square) Tuscany Silk Batting!!!!

The information given on Hobbs’ website about their Tuscany Silk Batting is as follows:

Tuscany Silk bonded batting is made from imported silk filaments with the addition of 10% polyester. It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding (fiber migration) and allowing the batting to be handled like a blanket. It can be quilted up to 4″ apart and hand washed in tepid water and lay out to dry flat. It will likely shrink approximately 5%. Because of silk’s natural ability to breath, it is an excellent choice for airy, light weight quilts and coverlets. The Tuscany Silk batting quilts magnificently by hand or machine and is a superb filling material for embroidery.

You can read more about what I think of Tuscany Silk Batting here. I thought I would show you a few Christmas quilts quilted with the Tuscany silk batting. Click on individual quilt names for more pictures of the featured quilts:

1. Christmas in Ohio (Fons & Porter Easy Quilts, Winter 2010)

2. Poinsettia Fiesta (The Quilter Quilting for Christmas 2010)

3. Holiday Spinners (The Quilter Quilting for Christmas 2010)

4. Peppermint Packages (Quilter’s World, December 2010)

To enter into the giveaway: please leave a comment telling me what kind of batting you have used or like to use, and if you have any interesting tips on batting.

Thanks for playing along! I will announce the winner on the 23rd of December. You have to check back on that day to see if you win and email me your shipping address.

p.s. Are you one of the winners in this giveaway? I haven’t heard from all the winners claiming their prizes.

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116 thoughts on “Giveaway: Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting – please scroll down for the latest posts!

  1. Your quilts are testimony indeed to this beautiful silk batting. I’ve always liked the sound of it, but the cost has deterred me (so I’d love to win your giveaway!). Lately I’ve been enjoying various brands of cotton batting, particularly for hand quilting. I love the way it stays put when I’m sandwiching my layers together – cotton sticks to cotton – and it’s not too difficult to achieve small quilting stitches. Silk sounds even better!

  2. I’d love to try silk batting …. bet it’s amazing. While I use 80/20 Hobbs cotton for the majority of my quilts, I’ve used wool batting in a couple recent ones. I love it, especially for hand quilting, like butter!

  3. Hi. I use either Hobbs heirloom or quilters dream cotton. I like both of them. Also have tried bamboo but I’m not sure about that one yet. Would live to try the silk! Thanks

  4. I have never used the Tuscany silk batting but I would love to try it. To date I’ve only used cotton batting. My thought process has been since the fabric is cotton the batting should be too. I know that is just silly and old fashioned, but I’m just that kind of person! Good luck to all the entrants and Happy Holidays to everyone

  5. Well, I must admit I also love using the Tuscany silk batting. I love it’s lightness and the way it makes a quilt feel. I feel expensive and luxurious when I use it.
    Maybe I don’t qualify for the contest because it isn’t new to me, but if I can I’d love to win it.

  6. I have never used silk batting. As a beginning quilter I used polyester, then went to Hobbs poly/cotton. I’ve bought some Quilters Dream but have yet to use it. So it would be interesting to try the silk. Does it wash well?? I see that you say hand wash. Would it work well in a larger quilt as that would be a little harder to hand wash.

  7. This is my all time favorite batting! I made two flannel quilts for my grandsons and used Tuscany silk batting in both and my daughter and husband just got there monster flannel with this batting at Thanksgiving. I love the way the boys quilts look and feel after numerous washings. Longarm quilters love it when I send this batting with my quilt tops and backing since it is such a joy to quilt. I also love their wool batting especially used with a cotton batting underneath for major pop effect!

  8. I do a lot of hand quilting and use Hobbs 80/20 or all cotton. Although I have had very happy results I would like to try the silk batting so please enter me in the drawing. Thank you. Norma

  9. what a wonderful opportunity for someone! the silk batts sound so fantastic. so far i’ve just used warm and natural or warm and white and like them ok. a friend long armed my hubbys victory garden quilt with a black batting that she got at the quilt store. since the quilt had a black backing and a black background, they suggested black would work better. don’t have any idea of what brand it is. thanks for the chance and have a great Christmas

  10. I’ve read about the silk batting, but never actually seen any of it.
    I like Quilter’s Dream Batting, and use it quite often. My long arm quilter uses Hobb’s 80/20 most of the time. I have also used Hobbs and been happy with the results. Thanks for a chance to win it!

  11. I’m dying to try the silk!

    Generally I use Hobbs 80/20 – a nice robust mid-weight batting. It is good for beds. I currently have a quilt on the frame that has Quilter’s Dream & Tuscany wool together. QD is nice quilted up, but I dislike handling it as compared to the Hobbs. Wool is my favorite for quilting, but the cost is prohibitive. It gives great definition, it is light, and is just pretty.

    I have a batik applique quilt that is just that size…!
    Have a good holiday~

  12. I’ve used Warm and Natural and Hobb’s but I find both to be a little stiff. I’d like to find a batting that’s lighter and softer. The silk sounds fantastic!

  13. Warm & Natural. But my brother says he’s still cold. I’m trying wool next; but then, maybe he just wants another quilt. I’ve tried the bamboo and it quilts nicely and easier because it’s so light. The content may be eco-friendly, but the processing is not. Not many shops carry the Hobbs silk, but I’ll give it a try.

    ellen ^o^

  14. That sounds like amazing batting and one worth trying at least once. Your quilts are just gorgeous. I have to say that I’ve never used anything other than Warm & Natural in any quilts I have made. I have only made 3-4 baby quilts as I am new to quilting and was told that using polyester is not a good choice, especially on baby quilts so I never tried anything else.

    I would sure be interested in trying this batting however.
    Thank you very much for the chance to win some and try for myself.

  15. I would love to try the silk batting. I started with poly years ago and now I usually use all cotton or 80/20. I LOVE quilting with 100% wool, but since it’s more expensive, I don’t use it much.
    I took an on-line machine quilting class which I found by going to a website you recommended who in turn recommended this class! The instructor recommends using 2 batts and suggests silk as one of them. I’ve not tried that yet, but would love to!

    Cathy Norris

  16. I use Matilda’s own Cotton batting and am very happy with that but have just bought WHITE QUILTERS DREAM REQUEST LOFT QUEEN SIZE W3Q to hand quilt a couple of quilts. I would so love to try silk.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas

  17. Hi Wendy – I use Matilda wool batting and some cotton batting. I have them here, and have never used any other. Silk batting sounds intriguing…I just love the way you quilt with it. I dont think I have ever seen it either. Sewing softly with silk..mmm sound nice. As you know I really love what you do with your quilting. I still wonder how you ever sleep. Good DH and good baby I think :)

  18. I’ve never worked with silk batting but I would love to try it! My favorite so far is wool batting by Hobbs. Its really fun to use, and so light! Diane Gaudynski introduced me to this and its a dream to work with! Please enter me into the drawing!

    Sure love your quilting designs in your samples!

  19. I haven’t experimented much with batting. I generally use Warm and Natural, which is a big step up from my very first quilt made in the 60’s with left-over hippie fabrics and an army blanket for batting.

  20. Well, I don’t enter too many of these giveaways, but if I win, will my quilting look like your beautiful pictures if I use the silk batting ? LOL! Count me in. Bernie

  21. Dear Wendy,

    You inspire me with all of your patterns. I get so excited to see the new ones and hurry to buy the magazines every time your patterns are published. In the mean time, I try to find the fabrics. I have used poly and also Warm and Natural batting. I really like them not to, as you described it, “migrate”. As I have been following you this year you always refer to your batting as the “silk batting” and I keep wondering:” wonder what THAT would be like”? I am thinking that it would be a great revelation to see the difference. There are so many “new” techniques now, than we had when I first began this adventure. I am always thrilled with the end result. What a sense of pride and satisfaction. I did a large wallhanding of a Christmas Tree with gifts underneath. It also had lighted red candles on the branches…..and with a “log cabin” pattern. I fell in love with the pattern the first time I saw it and have enjoyed usig it so very much. I have 4 of your projects waiting….with the fabric and patterns all ready for my schedule to allowme to start. I can hardly wait. 2011 is goig to be very exciting for me. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

  22. I have used the bamboo, all cotton and the cotton poly battings. They are thin and easy to machine quilt. The cotton poly is easy to hand quilt. Would love to try the silk, didn’t even know they had it till I read a post of yours a while back.

  23. I’m a newbie quilter–I just began this summer. And so far, I’ve only tried two battings–a cheap cotton poly batting that I got from Walmart to practice free motion quilting with and Quilters Dream Cotton. I prefer the Quilters Dream, but I don’t suppose that’s a big surprise.

    I didn’t even know they made silk batting! Your quilts are beautiful, and I hope to someday be able to quilt even half as well as you do. :)

  24. Wow – I’d love to try this – I usually just use plain flannel sheets, they’re cheap and thin – I like thin – but it doesn’t show off the quilting at all. I’d practice my free-motion for awhile before I used something like this!

  25. I would love to win this silk batting and give it a try. I’ve heard good things about it, but haven’t had an opportunity to try it. Nor have I seen it in any local quilt shops.

    My experience with batting is pretty much with poly, cotton, wools, blends. But no experience with silks. I like soft battings with a low-loft, where I can also FMQ.


  26. I have only used cotton batts so far. I have wanted to try the wool and the silk batts though, there is just no outlet for them where I live. I am going to Paducah in April and intend to find some while I’m there. Surely wool and silk batts can be found at Hancocks of Paducah! In the mean time, it would be nice to have one to play with! Thanks so much for the offer.

    • Not everyone is good at thinking outside of the box and still being detail oriented. I discovered you while on Facebook. Are there any well researched papers on the subject or any closely related subjects? Moms and small cute animals probably love you.

  27. Hello, so love receiving your mailings! I am right now very into Hobbs wool batts. I love the depth it gives to the quilting especially when a lot of background stitches are used so the larger motifs ( feathers) can puff up.

    I am always interested in batting information.

  28. Oooh, I’d love to try silk batting! I usually use Matilda’s Own wool/cotton. I like the way it handles, and I like the fact that it’s an Australian product. Plus, my LQS will order the 30m rolls at wholesale price for me!

  29. My favorite batt is the Hobbs Tuscany Wool-it’s so much lighter than cotton-easier to handle when quilting with my DSM. It also has the perfect amount of loft to puff out the quilting a little. I would love, love, love to try silk batt.

  30. Hi Wendy! How nice of you to take the time to do a giveaway in this busy season. I know you are also working on deadlines. I would love to have a chance to win this batting. I have never seen it here in any of the shops. I have only really used Warm and Natural for my quilts. I think once I used Fairfields batting. Good luck to all the participants.

  31. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as silk batting, it sounds so luxurious. I’m sure it’s too expensive for me to buy (usually use those 50% off coupons at Joann’s for my batting!) but it would be great to win this just to try it out.

  32. Wendy I have a batting question.
    How do you hold your layers together for quilting? Do you baste, pin, tack, glue or something else?

  33. My favorite battings are Tuscany Wool by Hobbs and Warm & Natural for quilts that I want to hang absolutely square. Would love to try the silk

  34. I use what is available in my area . I like polyester for hand quilting because of the loft and that is what I taught myself on. I appreciate cotton for machine quilting. I hope to try wool. Very nice of you to offer the give away. Whoever wins will certainly enjoy it.

  35. I have tried Hobbs wool and love it, both for the lightness and the look of the quilt when finished. I most often use poly for kids quilts because of the cost and easy care. I like cotton but the quilts are heavier.
    I have been wanting to try the silk so I’d love to win!!
    Diane P

  36. Hi Wendy,
    Well I was always a wool batting girl and used an Australian brand Called Matilda, it did the job and was warm and kept its shape reasonably well… it did have a odour though lol.

    The I used cotton wadding and Hallelujah I loved it as it was soft and free machining is so much easier. The needle seemed to just flow through the layers so much easier and it made a thinner quilt but more to my liking.

    But then I used a cotton bamboo wadding and I thought I was in love with this one and have used this in 3 quilts that I made…..until a lovely friend of mine also called Wendy has just come back from the Houston Quilting fair and brought back to Australia some goodies and one was the silk batting, she gave me a 12″ x 12″piece and I only the other day had a play around with it and now I have found my soulmate in batting…. I am a convert and will be trying my hardest to source this beautiful textile out.

    It feels devine and the machine seems to sew with no effort.

    I now know why you love it so much :o)

    warm regards
    Jenny ( South Australia)

  37. My favorite is the Tuscany Wool. I use the Dream Cotton because of the ease of obtaining it here. I would love to try the silk, you have given it great reviews.

  38. I’ve never tried this wadding – I usually use Hobb’s 80/20
    but I’d like to try other types!! I don’t have much choice where I live!

  39. Oooh, what a great giveaway!

    I have to admit I prefer cotton batts for their feel and drape but don’t always like all the shrinkage that comes with them (the crinkly look is cool up to a point). I haven’t tried pre-shrinking any yet (which you can do with the Hobbs batts) so I need to try that.

    I use polyester batts too – mostly for kid quilts or ones that will be washed A LOT and have found the Poly-Fil Traditional to be one that has a “close to cotton” feel and drape without all the shrinkage. Hobbs Poly-Down is truly a “light as a feather” batting if you want to avoid alot of weight in a quilt.

    This year I tried Quilters Dream (cotton) – Request loft for the first time and really liked using it. It worked as well as a poly low-loft with flannels and I even hand quilted two projects with it.

    I have some other batt brands/lofts (including some Wool batting) on hand to try in the future and if I could win the Tuscany Silk for testing that would be great!

  40. I have always used Warm n Natural for my quilts. I like the vintage look once washed. However, am interested in learning about the types of batting to use for each tabletopper, lap or full size quilt as I have been told they vary.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happpy New Year!
    Yours in quiltin,

  41. My favorite batting is wool batting. I like the way the quilting looks with wool, but mostly I like the kind of quilt that it makes – soft (not stiff), warm and light.
    Thanks for the chance!♥

  42. Hi Wendy,

    I have been using Hobbs Wool for several years, and I love it.

    I open it up and spred it out several days before I’m going to use it, and if any creases persist, then I gently press them with my iron set on “wool”.


  43. I have used the 50/50 and really like it, but have also used the 80/20, and the poly for mainly kids quilts and a lot of Project Warmth Quilts. For Table Runners I love using the Insulbrite then you never have to worry about something hot setting set on it, because it is always prepared for it. I have not used the silk, it sounds heavenly.

  44. I don’t like the vintage look and am still trying to find a batting that will look smooth after washing. Currently trying Quilters Dream Poly Request…..quilts nicely on my DSM…we’ll see how it washes. Would love to try silk! Thanks for opportunity and for discussion.

  45. I have followed all your tips and have saved them in a special folder. You do wonderful work. Just wish I were half as talented.
    As far as what kind of batting think it wouold be great to try the silk batting although
    I am not much of a quilter… Thnaks again for all the great tips….

  46. Hi, I would like to try the silk batting – I am making a quilt for my bed (a Michelle Hill pattern) and would love to use the silk batting. I would usually get the Hobbs Warm and Natural. But the silk sounds perfect to try for my own bed quilt! Thanks for having this giveaway! Happy Holidays :)

  47. I have used various all cotton and 80/20 cotton/poly blends. They are good. But, just recently I got some Tuscany Wool Batting. Oh my goodness, it is amazingly different in the kind of loft or pillow it creates. I love it. Don’t know if I can incorporate it in my utility quilts but will definitely use it on wall hanging and art quilts. It is just beautiful. Looking forward to using some silk batting that I just acquired.

  48. I’m quite new to this quilting hobby and am working on a quilt top now … well, 3 quilt tops actually. Batting is a bridge I have yet to cross but I appreciate suggestions and recommendations. I would love to try silk batting. It sounds fabulous!


  50. I generally use Hobbs Wool and love it for the soft hand and the ease of working on a home sewing machine. When I’m piecing blocks with a lot of pieces I use a piece of batting about 14 inches square and arrange the pieces on the batting. They stay put and I can do a quick visual check that I have everything in the right orientation.

    Happy holidays.

  51. Most of the time we use polyester because it is readily accessible locally. We did find some 80/20 cotton that are using and it is hand quilting OK. Thanks for the drawing – would love to try the silk. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  52. I use to use poly for handquilting. I have tried 80/20 for machine quilting but it is kind of stiff. I hear wool and silk are good choices for a soft drape and would love to try some!!

  53. I am new to this but i have used bamboo batting, i love its light weight , the fabric seems to naturally bond with it but there is no adhesive, i love your christmas in ohio swirls – im learning to do these but mine are a bit irregular!

  54. In 1998 when I first started quilting, batts were limited. I used poly batts and hated them for many reasons. I moved on to Warm and Natural. I disliked the scrim on the batt along with the slubs that were often times in it. On to Warm and White. I like it for the softness. It is also readily available. I also use Hobb’s 80/20. When I have the opportunity, I hoard Hobb’s Tuscany 80/20. I love the drape of it. So easy to handle. I have never tried the silk, wool or bamboo.

  55. I have never heard of silk batting. I have only used polyester and cotton. Isn’t it hard to work with? I am eager to try using the silk batting.

  56. I would love to try a silk batting by Tuscany as I’ve only read about it on your blog. I have only used Warm & Natural and Warm & White because these are available in our local Malaysian market… Pick me, Miss. baby!!! LOL

  57. I would love to try the silk batting. I use Hobbs Warm and Natural. I love the way your quilting shows and hope it would do the same for me.
    Always lay your batting out flat for at least 24 hours to let it relax.
    Make sure you put it right side up, less bearding if the skrim is to the back of the quilt.

  58. I would love to try some silk batting… it even sounds exotic!! Usually I use 100% cotton batting and have tried the organic cotton batting which is sooooo soft. Thanks for the chance.

  59. I usually use the washable wool batt. I enjoy the warmth & soft drapery it provides when quilted. I have heard the silk is even warmer & I can’t wait to try it.

  60. I would love to try a silk batt. I usually use Hobbs 80/20 and like it. The quilting on the silk looks beautiful. Happy Holidays.

  61. I would love to try this batting. I usually use Warm and Natural or Warm and White. I have been wanting to try a bamboo batting as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  62. Thanks for having the giveaway ! I’ve used Warm & Natural and Wool. I think the wool is just delicious and much more fun to quilt on.

  63. Now that’s one batting I would love to try. I’ve used the quilters dream cotton for hand quilting but after needing a wool batt, I’m loving the Hobbs for it’s lightness and ease of stitching. I really like the poof it gives for machine quilting.

  64. I’ve used a lot of wool and love it. Also used 80/20 for small things like runners, placemats etc., and it washes really well. Have heard about the tuscany silk and that it is also very good for clothing but the cost has always stopped me. Looking at your samples and your great quilting makes me itchy to try it. Love seeing your work.

  65. Hi! I would love to try the Silk batting please!! I use the cotton batting from Quilters Dream batting. I haven’t tried wool batting yet but it is on my short list! Thanks

  66. Hi Wendy,
    I would love to enter your giveaway for the Tuscany Silk Batting.
    In the past year, I have used Fairfield’s Soft Touch Cotton batting, Hobbs Heirloom batting and Quilter’s Dream. I have a wool batt tucked away for a special project.

  67. I usually like working with Warm & Natural wool batting, when I want to splurge on a particular quilt. I have never used any type of silk batting, but what I understand is that it is like quilting on “butter”.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some of this luxury.
    Happy Holidays to you & yours.
    I love your blog!

  68. Previously I have used Hobbs 100% cotton because of the antique look it gives to bed quilts once they are washed. As I begin to branch out and try various quilting techniques, I look forward to trying both Hobbs silk and wool battings.

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  71. I’m new to quilting and didn’t even realize that a silk batting was available. I want to try it! :) I’m making my first quilt…a Postage Stamp Quilt by quilting along with Rachel at ps.i quilt.

    New subscriber/follower looking forward to reading your posts. :)

  72. In Costa Rica we can only find batting which we call “guata” but which I believe is purely synthetic polyester. I am dying to try this one!

  73. I love using natural fibers as much as possible for everything I sew. I have used organic cotton batting as well as wool batting in quilts with great results. I would love to try some silk batting as well. It sounds heavenly–I bet it is warm and lofty, but light weight. Thanks for your informative blog, your quilts are gorgeous! Happy quilting and thanks for a chance to win the batting!

  74. I always use 100% cotton batting and have tried organic cotton batting, both are perfect and natural. I would love to try silk, sounds awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  75. I have heard good things @ the silk batting, but have never tried it. I generally use 80/20 or Quilters Dream Request.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try this!!

  76. I’ve never used Batting! I am new to sewing and I’m not even sure what it is! So maybe I have?! And I could use all the tips possible! I have a ton of great patterns I want to make and random amounts of various fabric, a sewing machine that was a Christmas gift, now I just need to find time to make something!

  77. I have always used 100% cotton it is what my grandmother used and she taught me so that is just what I use. I would love to try the silk get me out of the rut. I would love to win. Win or lose thank you for this giveaway.

  78. I have only ever made three quilts, but I have used heirloom cotton batting on all three. I just like how it looks and how it washes :)

  79. I’ve never tried silk batting and really – am unfamiliar with it, but it sounds intriguing! (‘Have never seen it available in my area either.) Your projects are simply beautiful! ‘Would love to win this!

  80. AM i the only guy that quilts? I grew up watching both my grandparents do hand quilting. When i met my girlfriend, she started quilting and of course… i had to jump in with my “historical” knowledge. I bought a quilting machine Janome 6600 and a Lil Gracie to get her started… but now she is not allowed in the studio room! THATS MY AREA! haha. I work with cotton and cotton/poly blend battings. would love to try out some silk….. will need some pointers for sure though! and everyone else, feel free to network with me if you like to do that… its fun! dale

  81. I normally buy Hobbs cotton battings and have tried most of the different types. I have found that the quality is something I can count on. I would love to try the Silk batting….especially if it’s free, lol. Thanks for the giveaway. Your work is awesome and a total inspiration to me.

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