Annabelle’s Ring of Flowers: Sneak Peeks #1

This will be a short one because I am under the gun to get this quilt out by Thursday.  I am working on yet another A is for Annabelle project (fabrics by RJR):

You say there are no flowers – and you are right.  Those should be in the works by the time you read this post.  I need to get this quilt out so that I can work on some remaining homemade Christmas gifts!  Yes, sometimes I do think  I have a screw loose somewhere.

Will have more to show you later – including a music box I bought Miss Baby for Christmas.  I can post the pictures pre-Christmas because Miss Baby has yet to figure out how to snoop around for information she doesn’t need to know. :)  Now, do you have any interesting “Christmas gift snooping” stories to tell?  I would love to know so that I can be prepared.

9 thoughts on “Annabelle’s Ring of Flowers: Sneak Peeks #1

  1. Just love the colors and fabrics in that one!

    When I was a child, my brother and I were playing in the living room, and I went to retrieve a toy that was near the Christmas tree. I noticed that I could see some of what was underneath the lightly-colored paper. So when no one else was around, I looked at all my presents and read through the light wrapping paper to see what they were. I was into paint-by-number sets then, so there were a number of those. I was sooo delighted…until Christmas morning. All the surprise was gone! I learned my lesson. And as a mom I always by darker paper, or, if it is light, double wrap it or put a layer of tissue paper under the paper or something so the product doesn’t show through.

  2. Oh, yes. I have many stories to tell. If I told you all, it would take until next Christmas. But the one thing I learned–when you hide the presents, you must remember where you hid them.

    Annabelle is developing into a beautiful quilt; can’t wait to see the final peak. Have fun with your Christmas projects.

    Oceans of love, ellen.

  3. While innocently playing a game of jacks in the hallway..the ball rolled into my parents bedroom and under the bed. I dove under to retrieve it and found all the toys, etc. Mom had stashed at the head of the bed for my 3 sisters and me. Figuered out who some of them were for as there were 2 of some must be for the twins.
    Kinda ruined Christmas for me.

  4. Your quilt is looking very pretty so far.
    I wasn’t a snooper but my brother was and one Christmas he discovered we 3 kids were getting 10 speed bicycles. I was so happy but disappointed because I wasn’t surprised on Christmas day.

  5. Hello,
    My english is not very good!!!
    But i saw your site and all the beautyfull quilt you do. I find you while I was searching information about Tasha Tudor.
    Thank you for all.

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