Spring Song Version2: Sneak Peeks #1

Remember my Spring Song quilt?

The design has undergone a second phase.  I reworked the design for a feature in The Quilter next year.  And in phase 2, there is a nest!!

Stay tuned for more peeks.  Meanwhile, I need to get back to work!  Thanks for stopping by.  I always enjoy your visits and comments.  Hugs to you all!

p.s.  If you can think of a catchy name for this quilt, please let me know.  My brain is experiencing a mental block with quilt-naming these days…

28 thoughts on “Spring Song Version2: Sneak Peeks #1

  1. I have a question–your applique’ is so perfect is this turned and then blanket stitch or is it the raw edge cut with blanket stitch? I love this design.

  2. I love this quilt, Wendy! But then, I love anything to do with birds! I’m not good with names, but when I first saw this with the nest and baby birds in the tree branches I thought ‘Rock~a~bye~ Baby’…. you know ~ in the tree tops?!

  3. Hi there Wendy,
    The quilt is just gorgeous as usual, you are always inspiring me with your talent….. clever little possum you are :o)

    I have an idea for the name of the quilt…. “little nestlings”

    Have a great day

    Warm regards
    (South Australia)

  4. I love it! I have cardinals that greet me every morning. They wait for me to wake up and as soon as they see the lights come on, they start tweeting. I can’t wait for The Quilter next year; I’ll have to make this for ME! You’re the best!
    More Hugs!

  5. Mmmm….Spring Song, Spring Chicks, Spring Notes… or Notes of Spring, Spring Treats… or Spring Tweets…..? I bet you’re sorry you asked now, aren’t you…lol… :) Happy crafting, Jenny

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  8. All looks lovely and yes the Cherry blossoms are wonderful, Yes I am exciting that you are showing the nest and the wee birds, I just get so excited and look at great pleasure of what has been done and what is coming up soon, or I should say imagine what is coming up next Wendy I love it all. I guess I best go get all my material pulled out and prepared to lay out and cut and stitched, YOU have a wonderful day as you awake to Spring tomorrow, maybe my snow will melt by tomorrow, yea right, talk to you soon take care HUGS Jeanne xox

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