Summertime: Sneak Peeks

I packed in a lot of sleep over my Thanksgiving weekend.  That meant I had to pay for it this week.  I stayed up late (really late) last night finishing up this Summertime Table Topper for Fons & Porter.   Pattern instructions are done, quilt is out the door.   I am a happy quilter.

My favorite thing about this quilt is the polka dot blue binding.  I think the soft sky blue really brings out the summer-ish feeling for summertime.

Now that summer time is over in the Northern Hemisphere, tell me what you miss the most about the warm weather… or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, I would like to know what you look forward to about the warm weather.

24 thoughts on “Summertime: Sneak Peeks

  1. Love the sneak peeks. I see some rick rack.
    I live in the northern hemisphere and I have to say that I am not a big fan of hot weather, if it is warm I like it but no 90* weather for me.

  2. I, too, love the sneak peeks. I live in the Northern Hem. and what I miss most is going outside without a coat, hat, gloves, etc. I’m a short sleeves and jeans sort of gal.

  3. Here in Australia I enjoy summer evenings (with daylight saving) eating in the garden, with food cooked on the barbecue. Not a fan of very hot days, but when the sun is low it’s a lovely time to sit outside with a cold drink while the steaks are sizzling.

  4. You have created another lovely quilt, I’m sure.

    I miss being able to walk out the door without bundling up. And I miss the sunshine. I need it to feel good.

  5. You continue to amaze me Wendy – it lovely! Another wonderful quilt! I would give anything to have the cold – its really hot here – and currently there is a bush fire some 90Kms from here. Bad year for that I am told !

  6. I like that blue binding, too.

    I have a hard time with the extreme heat in summer, but I love school being out, not having to set an alarm clock, having a lighter schedule.

  7. The fabric are so cute! And the black really adds some zing (and I love polka dots or stripes for binding!) What I miss about the warm weather is driving home from work in daylight (I have to admit, I love the cooler weather best!)

  8. Love the colors in these fabrics… especially the blue.

    Well, it was 24 degrees this morning here in the desert southwest. Bright sunshine, but COLD. The weekend will be 70… still, it’s a wintry 70. I miss having the windows open. But during the 100+ degree summers, I thoroughly enjoy having refrigerated air conditioning! ;-D

    Thanks for sharing, Wendy. Have a wonderful day,

  9. Thanks for the sneak peak, love the blue polka dots too! Your quilting is lovely as always! We had 29 degrees here night before last, very uncommon and today it was 72 so I can’t complain. I’m hoping for a long mild winter.

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