Lost and found…

My friend was taking French classes at school a couple of years ago.  So I started this little cross-stitch project for her two years ago as a birthday gift for her.  And…. for some unaccountable reason, I misplaced the little bag that held the project.  I looked high and low, and could never find it.

I was cleaning out one of the drawers last week, and guess what I found?!  Yeap – the unfinished cross-stitch piece.  I will give you three guesses what my friend will be getting for Christmas this year…

I over-indulged in sleep over the Thanksgiving weekend.  So, it will be a
“catching up” week for me this week.   You have a lovely week ahead!

14 thoughts on “Lost and found…

  1. I really don’t think you could overindulge in sleep for all the productivity you put out Wendy. How fun to find this great project! Enjoy finishing it!

  2. What a lucky friend even though it is late she will love it. Happy you took some time to rest. Have a wonderful week. I start tomorrow with a birthday so I hope to celebrate all week. LOL. Hugs Bunny

  3. I’m glad you found your project. I misplace things sometimes and it makes me crazy! I know I will find it sometime, but I need it now!!! I’m also glad to hear you got a lot of sleep this weekend.

  4. Lucky you! In my scenario, it is Lost and Not Found. When it is found, however, it’s years later and the discoveries are likely to be , “What was I thinking?” Glad to hear you got more sleep–it’s a good thing. Oceans of aloha, ellen.

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