The Apple of my Eye: Sneak Peeks

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I completed an Americana county quilt yesterday for a special publication project – to be revealed next year.

Quilting is a lot like cooking in that there are always new things to try.  This time, I tried a different quilting motif to see if it would be something I would add to my repertoire… here, you see the pen and paper version:

Here, you see the actual stitching on the quilt:

Verdict:  Need a bit more work in developing into something I would use, but definitely worth exploring!

Have a great week ahead!!

19 thoughts on “The Apple of my Eye: Sneak Peeks

  1. Wow. That’s just gorgeous. I’d love to know at least which magazine so I can subscribe ahead of time but, I suppose you can’t even give that away either. I just subscribed to my first quilting magazine last week as I’m very new to quilting. I’ve been interested in a long while and have been reading about it for the past year as much as I could find to help me learn. Now I need to get my machine going and try some of this stuff I’ve read. Plus after that amt. of time and calling multiple stores in my area I finally just found one that I can actually take lessons from so I’m super excited about that.

    Thanks for showing us the secret project you’ve been working on. It really is gorgeous.

  2. I love the apple and the colours make it very spring like. The quilting is fabulous for it and really brings your quilt to life. I appreciate the drawing of your patterns so that we can see how it relates to the real thing.

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