Giveaway: Aurifil Mako 40 Threads – Please scroll down for latest posts!

Hello, my Friends! It’s great to have you visit again. I have been moving a little slowly (too slowly for my taste) at my end. I have been under the weather this week. Being sick + deadlines + Miss Baby = not a good combination! You can imagine the craziness that’s been going on at my end… but that’s not the point of my post.

The point of my post is I am giving away five spools of Aurifil Mako 40 threads to five of you out there! I have three spools of 2310, one spool of 2260, and 1 spool of 4657 (that’s the variagated one – YUMMY!).

In order to be entered into the giveaway, between now and November 30th, you have to:

1. (if you are already a Facebook user) become a Friend of Aurifil on Facebook

2. leave a thread-related comment on this post with a valid email address for me to contact you. What I mean by “thread-related” can be anything: your favorite thread, your dream thread, tips on using various threads, anything!

Miss Baby would help pick out the winners on December 1st, and the winners will be announced!

Thanks for playing along.

161 thoughts on “Giveaway: Aurifil Mako 40 Threads – Please scroll down for latest posts!

  1. I just love these threads, they literally shine up at me. I tell my husband that I’m not wasting time and money on threads, it’s my job, that’s what THREADolgists do!!

  2. Oh me me I love love aurifil threads. It does a wonderful job on my longarm … I do belive Miss Aurfil and Prince Charming have a thing for each other. Thanks.

  3. Firstly, I hope your health improves soon, Judy.

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!
    I am now a Facebook friend.
    I looove working with Aurifil threads. I have only ever used them for hand sewing and they are a dream to work with. They just glide through the fabric!

  4. I never knew how important thread selection was until I came back into quilting at retirement. What a difference a 100 wt. silk can make for machine quilting! What a difference a 30 wt in a bright color can bring to an art quilt! It’s all good. Love thread..

  5. I have been wanting to try Aurifil so I would LOVE to win a spool! I use a lot of Superior Thread which I love, but have heard so many good things about Aurifil, that’s I’ve been planning to try it.

  6. Well I’ve been a friend of Aurfil when I found them on FB. I been a user of Aurfil threads when they first started years ago. I love thread and can always use some more!

  7. Well, I’m already a fan of Aurifil on facebook (Alex is so cute!) and I use Aurifil grey thread exclusively for piecing and for most of my bobbins–absolutely no lint, even when FM quilting for hours! I don’t ever use white thread, so I wouldn’t want to win that, but I would love either of the colors.

  8. I just purchased my first two spools of Aurafil recently and love them! I would love to win a few more and these are in colors I don’t have. Woo-hoo! Good luck to all!

  9. Love Aurafil and am a friend on Facebook. I always purchase two of the same spools when starting a new project as not to run out of thread! One for the bobbin and one for the top thread. Works out very well.

  10. Since I don’t sew, I will leave the beautiful thread for those who do, Wendy, but what a sweet gesture!

    And I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Oddly, I have, too! We must be leading parallel lives. I realized today that I have less than three weeks till the House Tour. YIKES!

    Feel better.


    Sheila :-)

  11. So sorry that you have been under the weather. I hope you are feeling better. I do not do facebook, nor have I ever tried Aurifil thread. So it would be a delight to try a good quality thread like Aurifil.

  12. Aurifil is my favorite thread since my dear friend Wendy told me about it!! I have not tried their variegated thread yet but would love to try it!

    I am a friend of Aurifil on FB!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. I am looking forward to purchasing more Aurofil thread this weekend at our craft expo here in Western Washington.
    My supply is low and I need a thread fix.
    I love your blog!
    Diana G

  14. That’s very generous of you Wendy. I love using the finer threads while I’m still learning to machine quilt, they hide little mistakes so well and don’t have the same thread build up as the thicker ones.

  15. I am about to try some sewing with I am a great admirer of the thread in your appliqe work. Those colours look fabulous I do hope you are feeling better soon … Hugs ♥

  16. I love Aurofil thread. I started using it around the first of the year. It is a low lint thread, and nice and strong. I use it for hand work and on the sewing machine. I only have one problem with it–the spool is actually too tall for my sewing machine! See that bit of plastic above the thread? My husband actually cuts that off each spool so I can use it! So, Three Cheers for Aurofil, and for my handy Husband!

  17. HI Wendy, Hoep you are starting to feel better soon… not nice being under the weather at all… I to be honest have not heard of Aurifil threads at all… BUT… would love to have a play with some… love the yummy colors.
    hugs Dawn x x

  18. I find that the Aurifil makes for the best topstitching thread on my shirts. I have a precious few colours and treasure them. Would love to be able to experiment with more.
    Sorry to hear you are below par. Not nice especially when there is not enough energy to sew.
    I am already a friend on face book

  19. Get well wishes for you. :) I use Mettler thread, but I would really like to try the Auriful thread. The local quilt shops around here don’t have much of a thread choice. I’ve been going to order some. I have tried to win some from Pat Sloan, but no luck yet.

  20. I’m already an Aurifil friend on Facebook. I’m a huge fan of their threads, especially the 50 weight for piecing. It’s made a big difference in my piecing and it’s fantastic to use for paper piecing too. I use it for quilting some projects too, but also like other threads for that.

  21. What lovely threads. Oh, that variagated would work so wonderful in a Bento of black/orange/pinks/Kona snow. THready- Aurifil a must for top thread in FMQ for me. ANd 50 weight for piecing. I keep a thread and needle chart for tension settings for types of stitching and fabric – this has all been tested on each machine I have – they have their own little chart. And I clean my machine regularly so lint/dust build up doesn’t change my thread/stitches.**I do not do facebook or twitter**

  22. as for a thread thread…i love to add metallic threads to things i do occasionally…mostly for my girlie girls and boyly boys, but sometimes for me or their parents or whatever. however!! they seem to break often with my fast sewing machine (brother innovis duetta) any suggestions would be welcome. i also LOVE to use variegated thread and don’t have anything like that pretty orange one…hint, hint, hint miss baby!!

  23. I am a fan of Aurifil on Facebook, but I must admit I am so for research. Seems everyone I know loves Aurifil. A friend recently gave me a spool of Aurifil to try. I’ve just started using my lst spool and really do like it, but haven’t yet had enough experience to pull me over. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me from your giveaway, as I’d truly love to win for a chance to have more time using Aurifil threads and form my own opinion….but so far I like what I see.


  24. My dream thread is one that comes in a variety of weights, colors and shine. It must not ever break while stitching and also be able to endure a long life (e.g. sustain color, endure laundry, etc.). I also love to quilt, sew & embroider and am definitely intrigued by Aurifil as I hear it can do all of this. Hymm. Just seems to be too good to be true, but thus I’m on the quest to learn more and get more experience with Aurifil thread.


  25. Well I hope picking the like button is the same as becoming a friend where FB is concerned. Concerning Thread I was at a quilting class today and a woman had taken a small spool of thread and put it on the thread holder (I am so technical Ha ha.) then she slid one of these large type spools of thread, like you have in the picture, over it, and that was how she was sewing her quilt today. It was funny but it was working. I sure hope you are feeling better soon.

  26. I only tried Aurifil thread when making Pat Sloan’s Meadow Breeze and I love it! I have been adding to my colors every chance I get and this would definitely be a great addition

  27. I am in LOVE with Aurifil thread! I use the 50 weight for machine piecing and hand applique…. it just disappears into the fabric! And I’ve just started using their 40 weight for machine quilting…. I’d agree with statements above that it leaves practically no lint in your machine. Fabulous! I would love to add more spools to my ever-expanding stash!

  28. Hi, I hope your week certainly gets better. I am an avid quilter who enjoys trying different threads for quilting. I make all types of quilts but seem to lean toward art quilts more. I would love the opportunity to try the Aurifil thread on some of my future projects. Have a great day and I hope for you a better weeks end. Feel better.

  29. I got introduced to Aurifil and used the Orange spool (50 wt I think) for my piecing. I’ve been thinking the 40 might look great on some quilting that I would like to show up a bit more. I’ll look for your opinion on uses. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and hope your

  30. Agh! the accidental submit button! Was going to say I hope your week gets better.

    I also have been a facebook friend of Aurifil for a while now.
    Thanks again :)

  31. Good morning!
    Hope you’re feeling better! And thanks for your generous giveaways.

    I became a FB fan as of recently because the colors looked so pretty. However, I haven’t had the chance to try them yet. I’m not even sure where they sell them locally in Miami beyond buying on the internet.

    I’m fairly a newbie at quilting, art quilts and machine embroidery. I’ve started creating my own designs on the BERNINA V6 Embroidery software. Although I”m selling my designs on ETSY, I realized that I should also make some finished pieces (pillows etc) using my designs so the buyer can envision what the designs would actually look like. I just finished the children’s alphabet designs and now finishing the cheerleading, gymnast and fairy designs which I’ll hopefully post in the next few days.

    I’m currenly using Mettler but always love to try new things as my company is a start-up and also welcome any comments too. It seems like your audience has been quilting/sewing for a long time and there’s nothing like learning from their experiences and wisdom.

    Keep getting better and giving Miss Baby hugs.

  32. So happy to find your web-site by clicking on the side ad which I almost never do! It must be fate…I love Aurifil thread, there’s lots of it on my show quilts. I’ll be back here again and again.

  33. I love Aurifil thread. I use it for all my piecing as it melts into the fabric. And I have a smaller bobbin on my longarm, so I wind them with Aurifil. Lasts so much longer. **Plays well with others!**

  34. I, too, hate the facebook thing so, like other users, I won’t be on there.

    However, when it comes to thread I try to use all of the thread I have. If that means I piece my quilts with green or pink threads, so be it. I recently discovered variegated quilting threads and LOVE them! I found a Sulky primary colors one that was absolutely PERFECT for a baby quilt!

  35. I love Aurifil thread and use it for piecing all the time. I didn’t know that they did variegated thread, so I guess it will be using it for quilting too! I love the Superior threads too, but only use those for quilting.

  36. I love these threads. I have a Janome 6600P. These threads work better than any I have ever used. I have to order online as they are not available in my area

  37. I am a new user of Aurifil and am so in love with it….the machine is humming along and sew am I…lol…thanks for offering this to us

  38. We love Aurifil threads at Operation Kid Comfort! Colorful and a breeze to quilt with, our volunteers always ask for these threads.

  39. I love all threads, when I embroidery I like to use the threads that change color in the sun. The kids love the surprise they get.

  40. I am hoping you feel well really soon!
    I am already a Facebook fan! Have been for a while!

    I love thread! Aurifil thread is just wonderful to quilt with! My sewing machine loves this thread and my quilts turn out so pretty, especially when I use the variegated thread.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  41. I plan on giving Aurifil a try because a close friend has been using Aurifil and loves it. She is a great spokesman for your thread and I can’t wait to see how it goes with my machine! Hope you are feeling better. Please sent the thread on it’s way……I can’t wait!

  42. I’m a thrifty person, but one place I never skimp is thread. Aurifil sews much better than nearly anything I’ve tried — I have boxes full of thread from Quilt Festival, but the Aurifil is the one I pick up nearly every time I go to the machine. My biggest sewing machine headache is thread tension, and the 50-wt plays very nicely with my machine.

  43. I just LOVE AuriFil threads, so of course I’m already a FB fan!

    Here’s one of my favorite thread tips:
    Did you know that the position you load your thread on your sewing machine can make a difference in the results that you obtain? Try placing the cross-wound spooled thread (looks criss-crossed on the spool) on the horizontal spool pin and place the stacked spooled thread (looks like one thread is next to the other) on the vertical spool pin for best results.

    Thanks for the chance to win some AuriFil thread!!!

  44. I took a paper piecing class a few years back. The teacher suggested Aurifil thread and I have been using it for all my quilting ever since. Love it! Thanks!

  45. I love the way veriagated thread looks for embroidery and I would really be thrilled to try the ones you are offering for a new baby quilt I’m working on for my baby niece. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  46. Oooh, fun! I just became a fan of Aurifil (I love Aurifil thread!) My thread comment – I bought a large cone of King Tut in Saharaha Shadows (kind of a goldish variegated), to quilt a particular quilt. Didn’t realized how much it cost until I got to the registered and then almost choked. I did by it, however. It looked awesome on the quilt and I’ve gone one to quilt 3 other quilts with it, looking equally awesome. Guess it was worth it o:) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  47. Oh Wendy, what a fabulous giveaway!!!

    I am already a friend of Aurifil on Facebook :)

    And I have yet to try Aurifil in my domestic machine. I have used it in my friends longarm machine and it was nice to use. I really need to try it for piecing :)

    Thank you for the chance to win :)


  48. I just became a fan on facebook. There is so many thread types out there that I get confused. I recently decided to just stick with organic thread such as silk and cotton. I have to confess that I’m still researching and this is the first time I heard of Aurofil. I went online and discovered that it’s 100% cotton. Yay! I wouldn’t mind winning some of this as I’m getting low on my existing thread and would love to try out this brand.

  49. I love Aurifil thread for many reasons …. no lint, sews beautifully, great color choices and looks beautiful on a quilt are only a few!

  50. Was “talked into” my first spool of Aurilfil by a saleclerk, years ago. I thought it was too expensive, but she just raved about it so much that I decided to try it. I haven’t bought any other brand thread since that time. I recommend it to everyone and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Better for my machine, looks beautiful and turns out it is not really expensive at all in comparison. Thanks Aurifil. From a lifetime member of the Aurifil “fan club”. :-)

  51. My two favs are Aurifil and Superior Bottom Line. I actually started out doing all my piecing with Gutermann thread. It make such a difference when you use a finer thread both in size and quality. Now Gutermann is only used for crafty sewing, not quilting.

  52. Sorry, to here you are under the weather. I too love Aurifil thread, only no one in my area carries anything but off-white in their quilt stores. I have bought in Chicago at the quilt show and ordered some on-line. Get better and get to sewing.

  53. aurifil thread is all i use for piecing. love the grey in the big cone. have used the same cone for 5 years. it is running low and i have another to replace it.

  54. I love aurifil thread. I have slowly been getting rid of my other threads and then buy one or two spools of aurifil every time I go shopping. That way I can build my supply and it doesn’t seem to cost too much at one time.

  55. I loooove Aurifil Thread. This is one thread that works the best for me. I am new to quilting, and I started out using cheaper threads, until my sister gave me one of her Aurifil threads to try. I was convinced immediately!!!

  56. I am new to long arm machine quilting. Having a lot of problems with tension. Trying different threads…Aurifil I don’t have but would like to give it a try. So far best results I’ve had are with YLi. Am willing to try anything until tension trauma is past tense. Comments indicate Aurifil might be winner, might just buy a spool :-)

  57. I love the variety of colours in aurifil..I also am in the process of using up all my old threads and converting. I love to hand quilt and get frustated when my thread keeps tangling. It really pays off in the long run to use quality thread in all your work.

  58. These are my feel-good threads, I’m a fairly new user and just getting to know them better, I found that I think I prefer the 50wt to 40wt when blanket stitching applique, it makes the stitches look really neat and tidy. But I’m still experimenting! the sky’s the limit :)

  59. I’ve been wanting to try a variegated thread. And I’ve been wanting to try Sulky threads, but now I’m interested in trying Auriful, since so many commenters here seem to like it. I’m not familiar with it at all. I’m curious about trying heavier weight threads using larger stitches … a more decorative look. I’ve only ever hand quilted. I also want to try machine quilting for some quilt projects just because it’s so much faster.

  60. I have been using Aurifil mako 50 for machine piecing and I love the way it never snags or breaks, and a filled bobbin lasts forever! It is a joy to use for hand appliqué as well – just disappears into the fabric. Have just started trying mako 40 for hand piecing and quilting and I love it! I’ve been a Facebook friend of aurifil for some time.

  61. Love all Aurifil threads! I am already a fan on Face Book. Auriful threads are on all my machines as I speak. No lint, wonderful for both piecing and quilting. Go Aurifil!

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  63. WOW, so many entries; I have my fingers crossed. My next quilt will be quilted with Aurifil and the silk batting as you recommended. It should turn out gorgeous like yours, yes? …fat chance for a lifetime beginner like me!

    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Drink plenty of water, have some chicken soup, and get plenty of rest. Take care… XOXO

  64. I would love to try some of those colors! Is it wrong to daydream about colors of thread? I can get carried away with ideas just looking at it!

  65. I love Aurifil, my favorite for piecing and I just sergered up over a dozen napkins for my son’s wedding gift using their 28 wt black and white variegated. Love the way they turned out!

  66. Learning to use different threads in an applique block of the month project at our dealers has been the best class I’ve invested in in the past 4 years I’ve taken up sewing again seriously. Weights and sheen, and varigation vs blendable and twists, all give such a different variety to the same stitch, it is most delicious!

  67. Love these threads…love quilting. Love variegated threads…like doing the Joyce squiggle! (it’s a quilting stitch we use a lot in our charity quilting group)

  68. I have only been guilting–mainly table toppers. wall hangings, for about a year and half. I have learned not to use cheap thread. A friend introduced me to Aurifil in a sewing class that I was taking. I love the look of the varigated thread–even the back looks so good that I can sometimes use. Hope Miss Baby draws my name. What a blessing that would be.

  69. I was one who used inexpensive thread until I was able to buy a Bernina sewing machine and learned the importance of using good long staple thread. So now all those spools of cheap thread are in baskets for decoration only and I’m trying to accumulate a stash of good thread. It’s a long slow process, so I’d love to win this aurofil thread. I haven’t used it before but have read so many positive comments about it that I’m eager to give it a try.

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway and for the chance to win.

  70. I’m a big fan of Aurifil threads. My goal is to own at least one of every color available, and my husband has even made custom decorative thread boards just for my Aurifil cones!

  71. To be honest, I know nothing about thread! I just bought my first machine and am slowly learning to use it! Winning some amazing high quality thread would help in the process I bet!

  72. I have started quilting both hand and machine. Having a good thread is very important. I have not heard of Aurifil but would love to try it.

    I have become a friend on FB too.

  73. I love quilting, but Its my aunts in the family who are wonderful at quilting, they would love this thread, If I win your beautiful thread I am giving it to my Aunts!

  74. Hope you are feeling better soon :)
    I am a new fan on Facebook and I would love to try the Aurifil threads!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  75. I love using Aurifil thread, it is just the best for all my quilting and sewing needs. There is much less lint to contend with, and these spool hold “miles” of thread.
    My sewing machine just “purrs” when I use it, and it makes my experience just that much more satisfying.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I’m fairly new to quilting and never realized how important thread is! Would love to win your thread and try Aurifil out!

  77. I didn’t believe the hype about thread quality making a difference until recently when I ended up with some decent thread and all of the sudden my stitches were perfect! I haven’t tried Aurafil, but I’d love to give it a shot.

  78. I have not tried this thread and I am not a fan of facebook. However, I interpret your post to mean there are two ways to enter this giveaway. I hope I am right because I would love to see that overdyed thread up close and personal, lol. Please enter my name in your drawing. You can reach me at If this is all silk thread can it be dyed because I love dyeing threads!

  79. I would love to be the winner and try Aurafil thread – I just asked my local quilt shop if they carried it and unfortunately they don’t. I have 3 quilt tops that need to be quilted and this new thread would come in very handy! Happy Quilting!

  80. I have never used Aurafil threads before and would just love to try! I use quilting threads special for hand quilting and I did read somewhere that silk thread is very nice for hand quilting. Thanks for the chance!

  81. These threads look amazing! I’m a newbie sewer so I don’t have very many tried and true thread tips. I did notice my decorative thread isn’t as strong as the all purpose thread and I tried to reduce my tension so it wouldn’t break as easily.

  82. I just love this thread and love adding new colors to my stash. Its so much fun to sew with this. I love that is leaves less lint in my machine then all the rest.

  83. I love thread…when I was young…probably around age 10 or so, I helped out at a small neighborhood sewing store. She didn’t pay me for helping with money, but she did give me thread or fabric! I do believe that I once had every color of embroidery thread from the rack! The store sold Berninas and I learned to free-motion monogram from her!
    Lots of fun for a 10 yr. old….good times!
    Thanks for sharing with us,
    Liz Samlow

  84. I absolutely LOVE Aurifil and now I am officially a fan on Facebook.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this splendid thread.

  85. Thank you for this give away. It will give me a chance to use the thread. I don’t have a sewing store around here so I have to use what I find. I like silk thread.

  86. I am a Facebook Fan! I luv any of the “shiny” threads, they make the embroidery POP! Wonderful Giveaway!

  87. I am a Facebook Fan of Aurifil. Love their thread. My absolute favourite thread for hand piecing, though, is either YLI Heirloom or Cotona Madeira — those threads absolutely melt into the seam and don’t add any bulk!

  88. I am a facebook fan too. I’m don’t use facebook very often, so I hope everything is in order. Thanks for the chance Wendy.
    I would love to try some Aurifil thread. I use Gutterman for piecing and Signature thread. Stop by to see my new quilt design. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and I hope you feel better soon.

  89. I love thread. I think I have enough thread to last a lifetime, but I’m trying to use it up as fast as I can. I’ve never tried this type of thread, but from what everyone has said it sounds wonderful. I do a lot of charity quilting and do go through thread quickly :) Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve become a fan!

  90. I started to machine quilt in a small way at first, just dipping my toes. I heard such a lot of wonderful comments regarding Aurifil Cotton I decided I must try it. I was hooked. It is unbelievable. The difference it brings to a quilt, makes it come alive. I am truly converted.

  91. Some do not realize how important good thread it to a project. Your finished product is only as good as the thread that you use. I would love some excellent quality thread.

  92. I’m a beginner at sewing, so I can’t say much about thread, except that I didn’t realize how big of a deal it can be but am excited to learn about it!

  93. I love Aurifil for piecing. I usually use all cotton for machine quilting both top and bottom. A friend showed me how she uses rayon for the top and Bottom Line for the bottom. It was new to me and a great learning day.

  94. I have a large collection of all types of thread. I like all sizes, colors, textures, and brands. The biggest indicator of whether I like a thread is if it doesn’t break or knot while using it. Thanks for the chance to win some more thread!

  95. I am just beginning to do free motion quilting and was really inspired by your drawings. I have a mountain of threads which I have collected over the years and with a new machine on the horizon I am so looing forward to trying my hand at machine quilting. Some new threads would inspire me even further!

  96. I use Aurifil Lana thread for hand appliqué but never tried any Aurifil thread for machine quilting!
    Thank you for your Giveaway

  97. I don’t do facebook. I have not tried this thread yet. I am not sure if anyone around here sells it. Most of the time I use thread from Connecting Threads which I like a lot.

  98. I am slowly trying various brands of thread in my quilting. Still haven’t tried Aurifil…so would definitely appreciate winning a spool!

  99. There are so many great threads available to quilters these days! I use them all – they all have their places in the world. Aurifil 40wt is delightful and looks so pretty on a quilt!

  100. ok,ok i have just completed all my sizing.this is going to be my first quilt.i am leaning so many things about tread.who knew..i do know now

  101. I have never tried Aurifil threads but would like to use them after reading all the good comments about them! You do such beautiful quilting! Just gorgeous! I can’t machine quilt v. well yet but I will keep trying! Thank you for giveaway.

  102. When I’m trying to get the thread through the eye of the needle, I find it more successful when I don’t try too hard to get it through. It seems easier to just keep poking the head of the thread in the general area and looking to see if it got through.

  103. In the area of machine quilting, you could call me “thread-phobic.” I’m usually able learn something new and then be able to do it well (in the quilting world). But it’s a different story with machine quilting, so I’ve been avoiding it. I know that I should just jump back into to it and practice, practice, practice!

    I’ve heard fabulous things about Aurfil threads. I would love the opportunity to win the giveaway! Maybe it will the miracle thread to get me started!

  104. Hi Everybody,

    I’m Davide and I’m in charge of Customer Service and PR for AURIfil USA.

    I’m very pleased to read all your responses about this special thread giveaway.

    Wendy is doing a great job with AURIfil and I hope to have all of you using it once in your life… You won’t switch to anything else!

    Well… I’m not here for promotion… I just wanna say THANK YOU to all our greatest Fans and a warm Welcome to all of you who will try AURIfil for the first time!

    I can be reached at

    Have a good day!

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