Peppermint Parcels in Quilter’s World (December 2010)

I am happy to receive in the mail my Peppermint Parcels Christmas Quilt, back from Quilter’s World.

I loved working with Henry Glass‘ Hip Holidays fabrics for the Christmas Present blocks:

I stitched “Merry Christmas” in different languages on the gift tags. The church my family went to while I was growing up, and still does, is a Chinese church. So, we would greet friends at church “Merry Christmas” in Mandarin.

[What else you can stitch on the gift tags: Names of Family Members, Names of your Quilt Guild Friends, Blessings of the Christmas season such as love, joy, peace etc, Addresses of the places you have lived if your family has moved a lot, Christmas verses you like – feel free to add more suggestions in the comment section]

This particular block was made with my Russian friend Ellen in mind. She showed me via email how Merry Christmas was written:

And this Italian block was made with my Italian friends Gloria and Monica in mind. Gloria had proof read the Italian version of “Merry Christmas” for me:

The blocks are quilted with streamers to carry on with the “Christmas presents” theme:

Additional streamers and garlands are quilted on the borders. Stringed pearls and beads are quilted on the sashing to remember my love of decorating gift parcels with streamers and ribbons etc.

Technical information: Unmarked free-motion quilting on my Bernina 640; Quilting Thread – Aurifil Mako 50; Quilt Batting – Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk (In case you haven’t already known, this is my favorite combination of thread and batting when it comes to quilting a quilt!); Fusible: Steam A Seam2 by Warm Company; Pattern – found in Quilter’s World‘s December 2010 issue; Finished size: 50″ square.

This was a super fun quilt to make. I would love to know if you do make it too! I am trying to find out if it would be possible to kit this project at this time. So if you are committed in purchasing a kit, please email me at

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day and week!

25 thoughts on “Peppermint Parcels in Quilter’s World (December 2010)

  1. I picked up my copy of the magazine last week and have my fabric all ready to go (otherwise, I definitely would have been interested in ordering a kit). I love seeing the photo of the whole quilt! I can’t wait to make mine, it is SO cute (and I’m taking your lead and stitching Merry Christmas around the world in my tags! o:)

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  4. Dear Wendy: Hello! My name is Deb and I’m looking at a Fons and Porter
    cataloge winter 2010 and I see a quilt made by you . Its called Christmas in Ohio I like the pattern and would like to make it with my own colors, but Ineed it to fit my queen size bed. Would you be so kind to write out a pattern that will fit my bed. 96 x 108. Please e-mail me at my husbands e-mail adress
    Sencerly Deb

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