Who am I to argue…?

This morning I came up with a quick matching game for Miss Baby to play. She was greeted by this:

Then she proceeded to take the buttons off the colored rectangles:

And put them back in their original places, supposedly. Notice the purple in the midst of red? She flatly refused and disagreed with me that that particular purple star should be back on the purple pile…

Well, who am I to argue with baby logic?! Kids these days……….. Meanwhile, I have been working with this super cool fabric for a kid quilt. Stay tuned for previews.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you lovely day!

19 thoughts on “Who am I to argue…?

  1. Good job Mom on a creating a fun educational game. Already has a mine of her own. Will probably grow up to be president. :)
    There you go teasing us with fabric again!

  2. Baby’s purple button just reminded me of something I read once — that at some point in history, quilters used to intentionally put a mistake into each quilt, like one block turned the wrong way. I don’t remember if it was 18th or 19th century English or American quilters, or if it was an Amish thing, but I vaguely remember the article saying that the tradition of the intentional mistake had something to do with humility, recognizing that only God is perfect. Anyway, deliberately putting one purple star on the red square reminded me of that for some reason.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do with that funky Rainbow floral! Very ’70s nostalgia, I think. “Marsha, Marsha Marsha!” :-)

    And no, I have only been vicariously quilting lately by reading your blog, but haven’t started a new quilt myself since I finished the Hungry Caterpillar. I haven’t been back in my sewing room since I finished the princess pettiskirt. I’ve been working late every night on a big design project for a client and that won’t ease up until the end of November or December. But my son’s favorite art teacher is expecting a baby in March and he wants to make her a little baby quilt, so I’m looking forward to devising a simple beginner project with him. Just think — someday you will be quilting with Baby, too!

  3. Oh Wendy I have fallen in love with the rainbow fabric it is gorgeous. You have been such a busy possum where do you get all the energy from.
    We are just starting our warm weather here in South Australia and I love sitting in my workroom with the sun streaming through whilst I sew happily away.
    Take care and I love your emails

    Warm Regards

  4. Love your color matching game! I think I’ll make one for our 18 month old grandgirl to teach her the colors while she stays with us every morning.

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