Quilting Around the Block Part 2: Sneak Peeks

I finished this quilt early this morning, and was able to ship it out.  This is a banner I made for a special quilting article I am doing for Quilter’s World for feature next year.  Here are some sneak peeks on a couple of blocks…

Block #1 (my husband’s favorite among the blocks):

Block #2:

This is actually part 2 of the “Quilting around the Block” article to be featured in Quilter’s World.  Previews of Part 1 can be found here.   I am so happy to have been asked to work on these articles.   They have been most fun!

30 thoughts on “Quilting Around the Block Part 2: Sneak Peeks

  1. Really exquisite! May I ask about the thread and the batting? 100 Wt. Silk Thread and Wool batting? Or, something else? Truly wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Wendy! I have a lazy server tonight, and these shots took forever to load, but Oh, they are FABULOUS. Gorgeous work on these. Gorgeous colors, too. WOW! Just stunning. I can’t get over all of the intricate work in this. I know how excited you must be, and this is just so neat!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh_ WOW. Fantastic quilting – not to mention the design. You must have such a lot of things to draw on in your mind to do all that wonderful quilting

  4. You probably get tried hearing the same words repeated over and over again – so all I can say – I agree with all the comments posted prior to mine. Thanks for posting your beautiful, creative work

  5. Wow, your work always amazes me!
    I really like this quilt a lot. The colors, the applique design and of course your incredible quilting. I would make this one if the pattern were available for sure!
    Congrats on all your wonderful works and sucess. It is well deserved.

  6. The quilting is magnificent! I wish I could watch you quilt; it must be magical to see these patterns and textures come to life at the sewing machine. Like watching a concert pianist play Chopin up close, awe-struck that they can create such amazing music on the same instrument that barely plays Chopsticks when I’m at the keyboard.

  7. Is it trapunto or does it just look like it because of the tight quilting around the applique?

    I’d really love to know — please email me.

    Your work is exquisit!

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