Hot Chili Peppers in THE QUILTER (January 2011)

For my chili-loving friends, here are some HOT CHILI PEPPERS for you!

This is a SUPER easy applique project (featured in The Quilter‘s January 2011) that would be a quick and easy to make gift if you are home-making your Christmas gifts this year… don’t you just love those vibrant colors on the chilies? The fabrics I used for the project is a combination of RJR‘s Pin Dots and Henry Glass‘ Summertime.

I used Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk Batting, and Aurifil Mako 50 to quilt this banner.  The quilting was minimal for this project – I picked  and quilted on a few floral designs on the black background fabric.  I thought the background fabric spoke for itself, and didn’t need quilting to make it look better.

Go to if you are interested in purchasing a kit for the project.  My “ARMCHAIR QUILTER’S” SUGGESTION: Not interested in making the banner?  How about just making the individual blocks and frame them in separate frames for a visual statement?

Thanks for stopping by!  And, go and enjoy some chilies to spice up your new week!

p.s.  Click here for my other project featured in the same magazine.

16 thoughts on “Hot Chili Peppers in THE QUILTER (January 2011)

  1. You have such a great eye for color, Wendy, and your fabric combinations are always so fresh and fun. That’s what really makes or breaks a “simple” project like this one. I never would have thought of using that big, black and white floral as the background, but I love how it makes the brights pop. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats for having a project in the magazine! It’s really cute, and would great in my kitchen/breakfast nook — my colors and I already have a print with hot sauces all over.

  3. I love the chili pepper project! Just today I was looking at my way too large of B&W fabrics and thinking I need to do something with them. This is perfect, especially for the southwest where I live. Thanks for sharingin.

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