Smocked Fall Leaves Dress

The picture smocking (more information on the smocking is found here) for Miss Baby’s fall dress was done months ago… But for the longest time, the dress pieces languished in a pile waiting for me to fit them into my crazy schedule to get the dress constructed.

The languishing continued, and the construction never happened.  My dear friend Annelle took pity on Miss Baby for not having her fall dress to wear.  She offered to finish the dress for Miss Baby!  I thank God always for placing Annelle in my life… she did a fantastic job finishing this square yoke dress.

The Peter Pan collars, the yoke, and the sleeves were piped with some leftover fabric scraps from one of my quilts.

Miss Baby looks like a BIG little girl in the dress.  Since it is a seasonal dress, Miss Baby has worn it MANY times ever since the dress was completed.  Her Mom (aka moi) wants to make all the effort that went into this dress COUNT!  That picture smocking wasn’t exactly a breeze, I tell ya! ;)

26 thoughts on “Smocked Fall Leaves Dress

  1. Lucky your young lady !!! She got her mom to make the first steps of her dress and … nanny Annelle to finish it!!
    Execllent team work, anyway!
    Have a nice day, Wendy- Gloria

  2. Wendy, that is absolutely adorable! I know what kind of work goes into smocking something because a friend of mine used to smock all of her little girl’s clothes. It took hours and hours. So I commend you on that beautiful dress, and I bet that Baby looks precious in it! Does she wear a big fat bow in her hair when she wears it? I think that is such a cute look.

    I also knew a group of ladies who did French hand sewing and made some exquisite pieces. I so admire this type of handwork, and I compliment you highly on this precious dress for Baby. And hats off to Annelle for being such a great friend! Baby will be the belle of the ball in her new dress!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Wendy, that is just so, so cute! I love the fabric you chose for the dress. It makes all the pretty smocking really stand out. So glad that Miss Baby gets to wear her dress so often.

    xo -El

  4. This is little girl is so lucky to have a mom that can do all of the cute cute adorable things! Just love the dress and Miss Baby will be a little doll dressed in this. Just beautiful.

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