Teach me to pray

Seeing Miss Baby “teach” her doll (known as Wawa) to pray…

… reminds me of a gospel song I dearly loved as a teenager growing up in the tropics. I have in mind to frame the picture, with the words of the verses below done in calligraphy – that would be a fun project, after my quilt Marathon!

Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray;
This is my heart cry day unto day.
I long to know Thy will and Thy way;
Teach me to pray Lord, teach me to pray.

Living in Thee, Lord, and Thou in me, constant abiding, this is my plea:
Grant me Thy power, boundless and free, Power with men and power with Thee.

Power in prayer, Lord, power in prayer!
Here amid earth’s sin and sorrow and care,
men lost and dying, souls in despair,
O give me power, power in prayer!

My weakened will, Lord, thou canst renew;
my sinful nature Thou canst subdue.
Fill me just now with power anew,
Power to pray and power to do!

Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray;
Thou art my pattern day unto day.
Thou art my surety, now and for aye;
Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray.


Albert Simpson Reitz

32 thoughts on “Teach me to pray

  1. You have started such a wonderful habit for your little girl. I will be praying that she continue to grow in God’s love and mercy! Keep up the good work Mom

  2. The picture is lovely and what a sweet thing she is doing, teaching what Mommie has taught her. I have 2 granddaughters, Kaydee and Rebekah and Ive watched Kaydee do everything with her dolly that Mommie has done for Rebekah. God is sooooooooooooo good!!
    Just a note, I recently had a Colonoscopy exam and want everyone to know It was a Breeze. I had a wonderful doctor, went to sleep and woke to him say everything is normal. It was my first such procedure but my primary doc had been pushing it for 5 years, as he knows the importance.. I’m glad I did it, although I dreaded it to the point I almost had a panic attack…so the PA was worse than the procedure. Tell your Mom’s to do it, Colon cancer is one of the top cancer killers. I’m 69 and want to see my granddaughters grow up. GOD BLESS!!!!

  3. What a beautiful picture of your daughter and “her baby”. You are a great Mom I can tell by this picture alone. You have heard the saying haven’t you, “The picture tells the whole story”.

  4. I love the picture and I have not heard that song since I was a very young girl going to Baptist church. I still remember it though because I sang it through as I read. That picture and song together will be very beautiful.

  5. Oh, you definitely need to do this in calligraphy with that very picture, Wendy!

    This made me cry it is so sweet. “Raise up a child in the way he shall go, and when he’s old, he won’t depart from it.” I can tell that Baby is already perparing her footsteps to walk in His ways.


    Sheila :-)

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