Ladybugs in Polka Dotville: Part 7

[If you are just now joining the Quilt-along, please click on the button above for preliminary and additional information. Again, you can join this quilt-along ANYTIME!]

Fat Quarter Shop is now carrying kits for the Ladybugs in Polka Dotville in the multi-color colorway!

Finally, the ladies are ready for show! Before you do anything else, click Lady Bug Pattern to down the pdf file for the ladybug pattern pieces.

We left off with this in the last Ladybugs in Polka Dotville Quilt-Along post:

We will be adding the ladies!!!

You will need for the multi-color colorway:

You will need for the pink/purple colorway:

Or fabrics of your choice!

**** please note that my instructions are for the multi-color colorway, you will have to adjust the fabrics for the pink/purple colorway or the colorway of your choice****

Important Note: By all means, use the method of your choice to applique the ladybugs. The pdf pattern comes with a 1/4″ seam allowance for those who are turning under for the applique. My instructions are for fusible applique.

Step 1: With a light box, trace the applique pattern pieces on the reverse side of your printout.

Step 2: Trace the reverse applique pattern pieces onto the paper side of fusible. I use Steam-A-Seam2 by Warm Company. It works really well for me.

Step 3: “Gut” the traced applique shape by cutting away the fusible inside of the traced line, leaving about 1/4″ or less on the inside edge of the traced line.

Step 4: Remove the paper backing (the side that is not traced), and attach and fuse the sticky side to the wrong side of fabric. Cut out the exact shape of applique pieces following the traced line. Note: Use black dot on red fabric for applique pieces C & D, and black fabric for applique pieces for A & B.

Step 5: Arrange the applique pieces on the pieced quilt background. Play with the poses of your ladies!! Fuse in place. Finish with either a satin stitch or buttonhole stitch! You may applique as many ladies as you wish on the pieced quilt top! And you are DONE!!!

[I decided to use a black with white design fabric for the body to give my ladies a bit more interest.]

This has been a fun quilt-along. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Send me pictures of your progress wherever you are – I am anxious to see them!!! Do go over to Facebook and become RJR Fabrics’ friend, would you? I hope you would also express your appreciation to the wonderful RJR people for sponsoring this quilt-along!

9 thoughts on “Ladybugs in Polka Dotville: Part 7

  1. Thank you so much for this quilt along…2 of my grandkids love lady boy and one girl…when I told them I was collecting patterns for ladybug quilts they were very to get them done by Jan when I go back to see them..heheheh…thanks again so much..many blessings

  2. [sigh] … the “Ladies”. My playground has been waiting for the ladies to come. The ladies and I thank you so very much. I can’t wait to put the ladies to play. Now you get some well-deserved rest, Wendy, before you start Marathon Part 2. Hugs and more hugs. ellen

  3. Thanks, Wendy… back from Festival in Houston about an hour ago and have the pattern printed off. I’ll have one of these cute little quilts on the machine and will be quilting away tomorrow. Today….sitting in the recliner with my feet up and I feel a nap coming on! Thanks for the fun pattern.

  4. Wendy thank you for your nice work and I am going to try and make one, Your work is great. I come from Africa I was inquiring can I make some for sale using your pattern, I am a single mother who is looking for a way to earn some extra money to make ends meet. But I want to seek your permission if this is ok with you. Thank you and always be Blessed for your good work.


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