Spring Song: Final Sneak Peeks

It was most fun working on Spring Song because I had a total of 55 different fabric swatches at my finger tips to incorporate in the quilt.  In the end, I think I used all the fabrics except for maybe three or four browns that I couldn’t quite fit in the quilt.

These fabrics are Nancy Halverson’s Forever Spring (by Benartex) that are going to debut at this weekend’s Houston Quilt Market.

Some of you expressed curiosity about how I would quilt this piece.  Here are a few snap shots.  Everything you see is quilted free-motion on my domestic machine, and unmarked because I just ran out of time.

One of these days, I will have to work on a properly planned out quilt, with the quilting all marked and predictable and perfect.

But for now, I accept the reality that my life is like a Stir-Crazy popcorn maker! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely day! :)


28 thoughts on “Spring Song: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. What fun to work with so many fabrics. Your quilt is beautiful and don’t think anyone could plan the quilting any better than it is! Your quilting is gorgeous, don’t change it!!!!

  2. These are such great fabrics and the blend of the colors on the quilt are beautiful. How was the quilting completed? Machine or hand? I am in such awe!!

  3. The quilting is superb as always and has bought the quilt to life, I adore it as Ido all your projects. You must be so fast and organised on the machine.

  4. Wendy,
    I just love stopping by your site to see what you’re up to! As usual, your quilts and quilting are fabulous! I just love all the swirls and curves and lovely quilting designs…it really shows that you love what you do!

  5. Hi there these fabrics are absolutely delicious indeed. My good friend Wendy Applebee is going to the Houston Quilting fair and she has travelled all the way from South Australia.

    Im sure she is going to have a ball.

  6. I think the quilting on this quilt is amazing. Truly. One of my favorites so far. And then of course next week I’ll be able to say that again about something you post. Can’t wait to see it in real life!

  7. I agree that that you have reached perfection. What a lovely job of quilting you have done. Thanks for sharing. Will be looking for you in Houston.

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  9. You know, I’m not a big pastel girl. These are fabrics I would walk right past at the quilt store, stifling a yawn as I scanned the fabric bolts for in search of vivid batiks, wild metallics, and obnoxious comninations of purple, red and orange fabrics. But Wendy, what you do with these fabrics is so magical that I think, Duh, THAT’S how to make pastel fabrics exciting! Please don’t start marking and planning and quilting like everyone else! Keep dancing to the beat of your own drum, because your quilting just keeps getting better and better.

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