Dancing Daffodils: Final Sneak Peek

I was in a hurry to get this out to the editor, and only managed to snap a couple of shots.  But here is the final sneak peek of the quilt I would like to share with you…

This is my first time quilting all over the applique pieces – it was really fun, and I like the textured effects on the daffodil petals.  Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you stupendous day!  I have got to run as I have quite a few quilts I need to finish, QUICK!  Later!!

18 thoughts on “Dancing Daffodils: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Lovely daffodils, Wendy!! apparently, these flowers are usually combined with the month of MARCH , the month of my birthday. Mom gave me , years ago , a gift : a little fine-china doll holding a bunch of daffodils in her hands and a little golden heart with the writing “March” on top .
    when you have time try to get and read the poem “DAFFODILS” written by poet William Wordsworth , it’s lovely as your flowers.
    Have a nice day, Gloria

  2. I really like the colors of this quilt. The background blues are just subtle enough that they show well but the yellow daffodils really stand out. Cute, cute quilt. Where do you get all of your ideas?

  3. I have a question…Do you mark your quilting at all? Or is it all freehand? Do you have a plan before you start? I never seem to be able to find answers to this on the quilting blogs that I frequent that have domestic machine quilters on them. Thanks so much for the information!

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